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Fast travel is available through Dataterms and NCART stations across Night City in Cyberpunk 2077.


There are 150[1] fast travel Dataterms in Night City, which are added to the map when V gets close to their location. Although these Dataterms can be discovered during the prologue, they cannot be used until after completing The Ride.

This is an alphabetical list of all fast travel Dataterms in the game, split by districts and sub-districts

District Icon 2077 Badlands.png Badlands

There are a total of 29 fast travel Dataterms in the Badlands.

Biotechnica Flats

Jackson Plains

Laguna Bend

Northern Oilfields

Los Padres County


Rattlesnake Creek

Red Peaks

Rocky Ridge

Sierra Sonora

Vasquez Pass

District Icon 2077 City Center.png City Center

There are a total of 11 fast travel Dataterms in the City Center.

Corpo Plaza


  • Berkeley & Bruce Skiv
  • Downtown Central
  • Gold Beach Marina
  • Metro: Downtown - Alexander St
  • Skyline & Republic

District Icon 2077 Heywood.png Heywood

There are a total of 27 fast travel Dataterms in Heywood.

The Glen

Vista del Rey

  • College St
  • Delamain HQ
  • Metro: Congress & MLK
  • Republic & Vine
  • Shooting Range
  • Skyline East


  • Berkeley & Bay
  • Cannery Plaza
  • Corporation St
  • Megabuilding H2
  • Metro: Market St
  • Palms View Plaza
  • Parque del Mar
  • Pumping Station

District Icon 2077 Pacifica.png Pacifica

There are a total of 7 fast travel Dataterms in Pacifica.


West Wind Estate

District Icon 2077 Santo Domingo.png Santo Domingo

There are a total of 18 fast travel Dataterms in Santo Domingo.


Rancho Coronado

District Icon 2077 Watson.png Watson

There are a total of 33 fast travel Dataterms in Watson.

Arasaka Waterfront

  • Arasaka Waterfront North
  • California & Pershing
  • Metro: Eisenhower St


  • Allen St South
  • Bellevue Overwalk
  • Charter St
  • Creek Loop
  • Kabuki Market
  • Kabuki: Central
  • Kennedy North
  • Pinewood St South
  • Sutter St

Little China


District Icon 2077 Westbrook.png Westbrook

There are a total of 24 fast travel Dataterms in Westbrook.

Charter Hill

  • Dynalar
  • Gold Niwaki Plaza
  • Lele Park
  • Longshore South
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Metro: Charter Hill


North Oak


  • There is an achievement/trophy for discovering all fast travel Dataterms, although only around 120 of the 150 need to be found to unlock this.
  • "Dam Viewpoint" was originally "Tama Viewpoint."