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Falco is a major character in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. He serves as the primary driver for Maine's crew.


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Falco is a seemingly older man of average height and build. He has semi-long, dark brown hair, slightly parted in the middle, that blooms out to the sides and a thick, but neat mustache that curls up at the ends. He wears Western-style clothes, such as a multi-tone brown waistcoat with suspender-like straps around the shoulders, over a white, high collar shirt with long sleeves. The right sleeve is rolled up to reveal his only obvious cyberware enhancement: a single, silver and black cyberarm of unknown make or model. He wears dark brown pants and light brown shoes. Across his hips is a yellow ammo belt with a single, holstered Techtonika Burya on the right side. He has a notable, Southern drawl. The vehicle he drives for Maine's crew is a customized Chevillon Emperor.


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Falco serves as a reliable driver throughout the series, never questioning his orders and effectively doing his duties with a high level of composure. He is relatively distant from the crew, sharing no on-screen intimacy with any of them, but cares for them nonetheless, lapsing into moments of outrage when other crew members are harmed. For example, he knocks out Maine after Kiwi is assaulted by him.

His driving skills are put to the test later in the series, after the crew loses Maine and Dorio. His ability to use the Chevillon Emperor as both a vehicle and weapon becomes instrumental to David. He is, most importantly, a man of his word, keeping his promise to David at the end of the show.


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Early Life[]

Falco was born in the Free State of Texas to a family of landowners who cultivated a farm in collaboration with Biotechnica. Discovering a passion for driving tractors, instead of taking the rains at the farm, Falco began racing with a stock car and entered the local races until he moved up to global pro racing circuits.

Looking for new challenges after winning over a dozen races in a row, he traveled to Night City for its street races and became one of the best in the city. He eventually began doing gigs for edgerunners, involving a heist at an Orbital Air warehouse and made himself known in the Afterlife circle.[1] When he first came to the city, one of the first friends he made was Maine.[3]

By the early 2070s, Falco was in the audience of the Demons of Kabuki race.[4]


Falco is a former wheelman who was part of Maine's edgerunner crew. He is first seen sharing an experience at Lizzie's Bar with Pilar and David.

Shortly after Maine's death, Falco joins David's crew and plays a much more prominent role as the crew's driver. He is seen transporting David, Rebecca and Julio on a mission provided by Wakako Okada. After the mission, he is seen speaking to David at the usual mission after party, saying he didn't believe David had what it takes to join Maine's crew in the beginning. Toward the end of the series, he becomes one of David's greatest allies, using his immense driving skills to help him capture an Arasaka convoy, and then assault Arasaka Tower to rescue Lucy. He is the last person Kiwi calls as she is dying. He helps Rebecca hold off large numbers of police and troops in Corpo Plaza, using the Chevillon Emperor as cover. When Rebecca is killed by Adam Smasher, he lapses into a fit of rage and attempts to physically attack Smasher, only to be instantly knocked back several feet by a gutpunch. His final task from David is to honor a promise he made off-screen to escape safely with Lucy and the reward money for the mission, 1.25 million eurodollars for each.

The Jacket[]

Shortly after David's death, Falco collected some items of his fallen friends, including David's Jacket, and stored them in a container unit at the edge of Night City. After spending some time in the Badlands to deal with trauma and think of his future, he came back to see his container getting robbed by Dalton Estevan-Luis, and hired Fixer Dakota Smith to employ a crew of edgerunners in order to retrieve the stolen items. Afterwards he left the city once more to move south.[3]


Some time later, a certain Merc by the name of V came across a discarded braindance which mentioned David by name, warning V not to follow David's fate. Their curiosity piqued by the BD, V reached out to local fixer Muamar Reyes requesting more information, and Muamar in turn contacted Falco. Soon later, Falco contacted V personally, telling them that his crew's "15 minutes were up" and not to bother looking for them. However, recognizing the similarities between David and V, and their actions against Arasaka, Falco gave V David's jacket as a final parting gift from one Edgerunner to another.[5]

Associated Quests[]

Stats & Equipment[]

Skills Athletics 8, Brawling 12, Concentration 6, Conversation 10, Deduction 10, Drive Land Vehicle 20, Education 6, Endurance 10, Evasion 12, First Aid 11, Handgun 14, Human Perception 12, Local Expert 12, Perception 12, Persuasion 8, Resist Torture/Drugs 10, Stealth 10, Streetwise 8, Tracking 12, Wardrobe & Style 8[3]
Cyberware EMP Threading,[3] Neuroport,[3] Right Arasaka Cyberarm[3]
Weaponry RT-46 Burya
Vehicles Custom Chevillon Emperor, Mahir Supron FS3[6]


  • Although Falco appears in some of the early episodes of Edgerunners, it isn't until Episode 6 when we briefly see him in action, eventually becoming a regular starting in Episode 7.