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The Far Asian Co-prosperity Sphere, or FACS, was established as a Public company and political party founded by various other Japanese corporations in the Cyberpunk universe.[1]


Far Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, more commonly known as FACS, is a public company group founded by various large and small Japanese corporations in Tokyo, Japan. The FACS Group keeps it's operations very secretive and deals mainly in governmental affairs, including the various offices in ministries. The main goal of the FACS Group is to undermine the efforts of the Arasaka Megacorporation and to keep Saburo Arasaka from utilizing the SDF, and the assets of the country, to further his ideals on the country and the rest of the world.

FACS made a major accomplished in the form of the Bald-Hill Scandal of 1997. They managed to expose the Arasaka controlled Diet, ministries, and Prime Minister Daijiro Adachi for their crimes. Since then the FACS Group has kept Arasaka from taking over the government and has pushed for an anti-corporate government in Japan.

The FACS Group continued well in to 2020, and many of the corporations involved prospered through the internal competition between them and Arasaka. The FACS Group, and the individual Japanese corporations, could not have penetrated the markets of Asia and America without Arasaka, with this comes a modest amount of respect.[2]

In the mid 1990s the Arasaka Corporation started working its fingers into the Japanese government. Arasaka's opponents became the political sponsors of the prosecution, and even sacrificed some of their own people to the investigation. Arasaka was taking control of the Japanese government and seizing control of the SDF. This worried many Japanese corporations big and small, the idea of one corporation having complete control of the country as well as the military was not one many were okay with. In order to undermine Saburo Arasaka and his SDF plans, these group of corporations would soon united under the FACS Banner, Far Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The FACS Group infiltrated the government with it's combined assets to gather information of the Arasaka conspiracy. Soon enough in 1997, the group discovered that many politicians were bought off or put in place by the Arasaka Corporation, even the then Prime Minister Daijiro Adachi was an Arasaka confidant. The FACS Group used this newly discovered information and through multiple MediaCorps working within FACS, were successful in leaking it to the public. The National Police Agency in Tokyo arrested more than 60% of the Diet, multiple employees in the ministries, and the PM for bribery and corruption. The event was dubbed the Bald Hill Scandal and was a topic of discussion for decades after.

The FACS Group used this victory to form a new anti-corporate (Arasaka) government, using bureaucracy as a way to keep out any corruption from outside forces. in the early 2000s Saburo continued to disrupt their effort, by a multitude of behind the scenes manipulation scandals, the leading parties and opposition were repeatedly split and reformed-until finally a government that Arasaka could manipulate was organized. This attempted to reduce the power of the police and the FACS Group controlled Home Affairs Ministry, and increase opportunities for the SDF and Arasaka corporate police. Arasaka managed to get some of it's goals reached, by dissolving the national police to half of it's original power, however universal Arasaka police coverage was completely blocked. What came of this was a decision that was based on the individual prefectures of Japan that could choose to hire corporate policing or the Japanese national police.

The FACS Group in the 2010s, was still working to undermine Arasaka, however this led to nothing more than a stand still in the government. As neither force was able to fully get rid of the opposition, it was a war of attrition and nobody was able to win. Despite this the various corporations apart of the FACS Group continued their operations of industry both internally and international, because of their continued competition with Arasaka, the FACS Group saw increases in revenue across the globe. Penetrating the American and Asian markets had never been easier than it was in 2020. Despite the FACS Group being founded by various corporations, they still remained independent using only a portion of their revenue to fund the FACS Group operations.

FACS Group Corporations

Name HQ Info
Honda Tokyo A public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.[citation needed]
Mazda Hiroshima A multinational automobile manufacturer.
Mitsubishi Tokyo A group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries. Engineering, electrical equipment, electronics, automobile manufacturing, and banking company
Nissan Yokohama A multinational automobile manufacturer.
Toyota Toyota A multinational automotive manufacturer.
TBA TBA Various other corporations big and small were apart of FACS.
TBA TBA Various other corporations big and small were apart of FACS.


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