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Excerpts from "A History of the Nomads" by B.B. Pires is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077. It outlines the original nomad culture compared to the nomad culture we see in 2077 and how this all came to be. All thanks to the nomads.



The First Nomad Code 1. Protect and respect your clan, and especially your family.
2. You are worth as much as your word.
3. Share with others in your clan.
4. Respect the privacy and well-being of your clan.
5. Never put your clan in danger.
6. Always take honest pay for honest work. The New Nomad Code 1. Protect your family and clan - in that order.
2. Do not steal from anyone in your clan
3. Do not keep for yourself that which may help another in your clan ----- It's hard to imagine a group less inclined to wandering than farmers, but in fact they were the people who dawned the age of nomads. Natural catastophes, crops ravaged by bioplagues, armed conflicts and martial law allowing corporations to speculate and privatize land - all this forced them into a life on the road. The first clans recognized as "nomadic" were the Aldecaldos and the Jodes, followed shortly after by Snake Nation, Thelas Nation, Folk Nation, Blood Nation and MetaCorp - a total of Seven Nations. The nomad nations are divided into tribes, which are subdivided even further into clans and families. A family typically numbers between ten and a hundred people, while the biggest nations can reach up to a million. At first, nomad activity was seen as anarchistic and subversive - mostly, as you can imagine, by corporations who quickly realized they wouldn't be able to control them. The biggest irony in all this is that it's thanks to the nomads that our cities were rebuilt after the wars and catastrophes that marked the first half of the 21st century. After all, families come together to build, not to destroy. (...)


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