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So here's your ticket, ripperboy. Grab your seat; the party's just starting. Here's Eurostyle - in your face!


Eurosource, subtitled The EuroTheatre Sourcebook for Cyberpunk, is a sourcebook for the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG giving players more information on the state of Europe in the year 2020.

The book goes into detail on various European countries and the wealth divides between them. From the rich industrial Germany to the Martial-Law controlled Britain and the poor failing central European countries such as Poland and the civil-war torn Czechoslovakia. More information is given on one of the more powerful entities, The European Community and its influence on Europe and the World.

The book details the traditional Cyberpunk roles, and how they fit into the Euro world. Rockerboys have been renamed to Rockin' Euro and two new roles, Medtechies and Biotechies, were introduced. They are similar in scope to ripperdocs, but have more in common with mechanics, and typically work cybernetics and biomechanics.[1]

The book has been declared non-canon as of the release of Eurosource Plus, which changed or dismissed a lot of European content in this publication, e.g. the breakup of Yugoslavia (which broke apart the same year Eurosource was released), Czechoslovakia or German occupation of Polish Gdańsk area.



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