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The eurodollar (officially the European Currency Unit), commonly referred to as eurobuck[1] (eb) or eddie[2] (ed), is the main currency used by various countries in the Cyberpunk world.

During the late 20th century and early 21st, its symbol was §. By 2077, €$ was the one used.


The European Currency Unit, also known as the eurobuck[1] or eurodollar[2] (though also referred to as ebucks, eddies, euro, holos, color, new script, white/white script, or smuggies) is the primary currency of the European Economic Community, formed by the EEC treaty of 1992.[3] It is one of the most used currencies in the Cyberpunk timeline, with most nations either recognizing it as an official currency or giving it a highly favorable exchange rate by the year 2004. The United Soviet Sovereign Republics are one of the few known exceptions to this, having no official exchange rate and forbidding banks from exchanging the Russian Federal Ruble for eurodollars.[4] In 2020, eurodollar transactions made up approximately 25% of worldwide trade.[5]

By 2077 it was the official currency of many countries in the North Atlantic, including the ECC, the New United States, or Night City.


In 2020, eurodollars appeared in denominations of 1§, 5§, 10§, 20§, 50§, 100§, and 500§. Bills were made of hologram-marked, damage-resistant cloth-like paper. Eurodollar coinage came in fractions of a eurodollar, or cents, of 0.10§, 0.25§, 0.50§, and 1§ coins. Coins were made of nickel, tin, and aluminum.[5] By 2077, the 100€$ denomination was a depiction of an unknown city, specifically being a Series A 2055 bill, with the inscription of "GET RICH OR DIE TRYING" in the bottom center.

Money and purchasing power

Alternate Currency (2020)
Country Currency Exchange Rate
Japan New Yen(¥) ¥200=€$1
New United States U.S. dollar($) $2=€$1 (Varies)
Korea Won(₩) ₩500=€$1
China Yuan(YY) 4YY=€$1
Myanmar Kayt (K) K5=€$1
Thailand Baht(B) 30B=€$1
Australia Dollar(A$) A$2.5=€$1
New Zealand Dollar(NZ$) NZ$4=€$1


  • In the original Cyberpunk 2020 lore, the Treaty was signed in 1997. In Cyberpunk RED, the founding date had been changed to 1992.
  • The original eurodollar symbol was a section sign (§). By 2077, the symbol has been changed to a euro symbol (€) next to a dollar symbol ($).
  • The 2077 eurodollar concept art depicts a cyan blue currency strap marking a stack of 100 €$ bills as 10.000 eurodollars, denoted by Asukaga & Finch.



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