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Euro Business Machines Corporation (EBM)[1] was a megacorporation that generalized in the manufacture of computer products, information technology and electronics. EBM had a highly influential market presence, along with some of the largest employee and troop counts.[2]



Formed in the 1990s, Euro Business Machines (EBM) is a corporation that was developed into the leading manufacturer of computers and high-tech equipment worldwide and ranks among the most significant corporations currently in existence.

During the late 1990s, EBM performed "the greatest free-market hostile takeover in history" under the leadership of well-known corporate raiding master, Dr. Kurt Muller. The operation forced the merging of EBM with a vast number of other prominent computer companies around the world, further reinforcing the fearsome market power EBM already held.

Muller, along with the other two members in the company's triumvirate, Ulf Grunwalder of Munich and Sir Nathaniel Poole of London, together held 52.1% of company shares and collectively contributed the majority vote in EBM's corporate interests. Their long-term objective was to "consolidate as much of the world's high-tech manufacturing as possible under their label, by any means."[3][4]

2040s - 2070s[]

At some point, EBM attempted a coup on the government of Germany, but was soon crushed a few months later.[5]

The company would sponsor the stadium in Pacifica. Euro Business Machines owns a variety of subsidiaries, one of them being Fourth Wall, a large braindance production studio.

Regional Offices[]

EBM hold many regional offices buildings worldwide. These offices could be found in Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Geneva, Oslo, Helsinki, London, Tokyo, Cairo, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Night City, Balsam[6], Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and Hong Kong.


  • Roland Aerospace is a subsidiary business of EBMs, it specializes in corporate jets.

Equipment and resources[]

In 2020, EBM operated its own fleet of airborne craft, distributed as needed among its various global locations and detailed as follows:

  • Forty-six AV-4s
  • Twenty Osprey II V-TOL attack craft
  • Twenty corporate jets for the use of the executive board
  • Five heavy cargo planes.

In addition, each office had two helicopters, a fully staffed clinic and an infirmary.

EBM's power and stature afforded access to the highest levels of military technology, with a top secret underground medical, research and training facility hidden in the Alps. EBM also maintained a small orbital research facility with about thirty researchers and ten soldiers.[4][3]

Products Line-Up 2020[]

Type Products
Electronics EBM Carfaxx 2002,[1] EBM PCX.[7]
Cyberdecks EBM PNI 210,[8] EBM PNI 412,[8] EBM PNI 724π.[8]
Option EBM 99080 "MUSE",[8] EBM XR-10 Chip-Rack Deck Extension.[9]

Products Line-Up CyberGeneration[]

Type Products
Electronics EBM Advance System Mainframe V-Term



  • The name and logo is based on IBM (International Business Machines).


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