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No no, you don't get it. That body and this one - I'm the same person.

— Certo, Cyberpunk 2077

Esquerdo Certo and Certo Esquerdo are the two bodies of a Kabuki street fighter, fighting together to achieve combat advantage.


Formerly known as twins Paul and Will, Certo and Esquerdo have, through advanced cybernetic modification, managed to merge into a single mind occupying two bodies. Having a very close bond and wanting to become even closer, with it, stronger as well, they decided on undergoing a procedure of installing neural oscillation synchronizers. This has effectively made them a single person occupying two bodies.

They proudly proclaim doing absolutely everything together, which might invite teasing or straightforward mockery - V may dare to inquire about their life under the sheets (with a Cool check of 11), to which they will admit having a single girlfriend for both bodies. However, they ration their participation in the relationship by lending her one body Monday through Wednesday and the other Wednesday through Sunday.

When practicing together, they frequently complain about it being pointless as they are able to predict each other's every move, however, regardless of being adaptably synchronized and, in their own words, having the same mind, Certo and Esquerdo retain certain individualistic drives which incites them to often talk to each other. Something they condemn as "talking to oneself".

Within the small rooftop fighting arena, a shard of their archived conversation can be found - a conversation between brothers - although after the medical procedure. They are not sure why they still talk to each other and dismiss it as a force of habit, calling the conversation itself a form of a diary. They discuss on naming each body differently to make it easier for people that cannot understand their state of existence. Finally, they decide on "left" and "right", pertaining to the two brain hemispheres, but in Portuguese to make it sound "more exotic" and not understood by people that do not use more advanced translators. However, their venture into the world of dictionaries had not provided any favours, as Paul's name, which was supposed to signify the Right side, instead became "Correct" or, a word more commonly used as "Of course".

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  • The twins facial likeness is based on Senior Cinematic Designer Paweł Ochoki.[1]
  • Certo and Esquerdo are Portuguese for "correct" and "left". Certo's name was purposely mistranslated from "right" as a joke clarified by CD Projekt Red.
  • They appear in the quest, Champion of Kabuki as seen in the 2020 gameplay footage.[2]