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Eran Malour is a character featured in the Cyberpunk Series.

Thirty-two years old and a decorated veteran of the brushfire wars of South America, Eran Malour decided he had seen enough. After eight years in the Marines, Malour returned to the United States, and using his veteran's benefits, started up his own business. A skilled armorer, he began building custom weapons for his friends and soon gathered a following among many solos in Night City.

In 2016, Malour convinced some of his best customers to invest in plans to expand his business. He purchased a small robotic factory that had been rendered obsolete by recent innovations in zero-gee manufacturing. He then modified the factory with his own specifications to design, produce and modify any firearm to the wants and needs of the customer.[1]

In 2045, he's mostly retired now, but he'll do you up a weapon if he especially likes you. One of his more notable clients has been Johnny Silverhand for whom he's built a succession of personalized handguns.[2]


Basic tech 8, Cyber tech 4, Specific Knowledge (gunsmithing) 7, Interface 3, Pistol 6, Rifle 5, Driving 3, Motorcycle 3, General Knowledge 5, Stealth 3, Complex Language (Japanese) 3, Streetwise 2, Simple Language (Spanish) 2.[1]


Cyberoptics with targeting, low light enhancement and anti-dazzle. Interface plugs, weapon smartlink, reflex boost. Cyberaudio with phone link and ECM scrambler. Cyberarm with 30mm grenade launcher.[1]


  • Eran (ערן) is a given name of Hebrew source so he might be an Israeli immigrant, or a descendant of Israeli immigrants.


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