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Epistrophy is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. The quest features V chasing 7 Delamain Cabs that have gone haywire in various areas around the map. Upon decommissioning the rogue cabs, the quest concludes at Delamain HQ. Some time later, Delamain will contact V with a new mission, Don't Lose Your Mind.


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Journal Entry[]

Cars didn't talk back in my day, and now this one wants to give you a job? What a time to be alive... What're you waiting for?



  • Retrieving a Delamain Cab will award V with 504 Experience, 1133 Street Cred, and 1640 eurodollars.
  • The follow-up quest, Don't Lose Your Mind, can also be triggered by approaching the 8th, 9th, and 10th lost Delamain Cabs at the roundabout in Corpo Plaza some time after Epistrophy has been completed. A news broadcast can be heard on the radio when the event is available.
  • Harming the Night City Residents in the reception room of Delamain HQ will cause a quest fail.