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While playing Cyberpunk 2077, you will encounter many hostile NPCs. They are your Enemies and they have to be neutralized OR killed.

Threat Level

Enemies are distinguished both by threat level and weapon preference. Enemies' threat levels are indicated by the colour of their enemy type icon, within the yellow border, ranging from white/ grey (very low threat), through green, yellow, orange, up to red (very high threat).

Types of Enemies

Work in progress.

  • Icon Enemy Melee.png Melee
  • Icon Enemy FastMelee.png FastMelee
  • Icon Enemy HeavyMelee.png HeavyMelee
  • Icon Enemy Ranged.png Ranged
  • Icon Enemy FastRanged.png FastRanged
  • 32px TechRanged
  • 32px SmartRanged
  • Icon Enemy Gunner.png Gunner
  • Icon Enemy Netrunner.png Grenadier
  • Icon Enemy Sniper.png Sniper
  • Icon Enemy FastSniper.png FastSniper
  • Icon Enemy Shotgunner.png Shotgunner
  • Icon Enemy FastShotgunner.png FastShotgunner
  • 32px Officer
  • Icon Enemy Netrunner.png Techie
  • Icon Enemy Netrunner.png Netrunner
  • Icon Enemy Android.png Android


Icon EnemyAbility Break Hold.png Break Hold

Inherent vigilance, awareness enhancers, or optics linked to external cameras? Could be either one of them, but the outcome's always the same - it'll be nigh-impossible to grab this enemy from behind. You'll be detected at the very last second.

Icon EnemyAbility Charge Jump.png Charge Jump

Cybermodified leg joints and reinforced, advanced muscle kinetics allow the enemy to traverse large distances with quick, high jumps. You could say it's almost superhuman, if we knew what was even human anymore.

Icon EnemyAbility Combat Stim.png Combat Stim

The enemy is equipped with a combat stim injector that increases their Health and leads to temporary insensitivity to pain. Also makes it easier to act tough.

Icon EnemyAbility Kerenzikov.png Kerenzikov

A classic and widely-used reflex booster that allows enemies to dodge incoming projectiles. When an enemy uses Kerenzikov, it's better to switch to melee combat, using a shotgun or blade. Let's see how they handle THAT.

Icon EnemyAbility Netrunning.png Netrunning

A skilled enemy netrunner can use a variety of quickhacks against you, and they won't hesitate.

Icon EnemyAbility Overheating.png Overheating

A dangerous quickhack that directly attacks your nervous system, making your body temperature skyrocket and overheating your neural and cybernetic components. Can also result in combustion.

Icon EnemyAbility Sandevistan.png Sandevistan

Sandevistan is one of the most popular reflex boosters available to purchase legally. This classic implant allows the enemy to move with lightning speed, avoiding your incoming bullets and closing in on you surprisingly quickly to engage in melee combat. When someone uses Sandevistan, it usually means they're done playing around.

Icon EnemyAbility Subdermal Armor.png Subdermal Armor

Ultra-thin, subdermal armor reinforced with nano-transmitters that react to absorb impacts from bullets or blades. An enemy with subdermal armor is more resistant to damage and is much more difficult to throw off balance.

List of Enemies