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Oh, is that supposed to sound familiar?

Emmerick Bronson is the bouncer of Afterlife and a member of the Animals.


Emmerick is seen in the 2020 gameplay video[2], where he lets Jackie and V into Afterlife to meet Dexter DeShawn for the first time during The Heist job.

Emmerick also seems to have an appearance in the trailer for the 3rd Night City Wire Live Stream, which will be focused on the gangs of Night City, as well as a guided tour through the City. In the trailer, quick snapshots of each gang are shown, with a few members from each gang on display as well. When the trailer focuses on the Animals, Emmerick is sitting in the middle of the portrait, surrounded by two other members of the Animals gang.


  • Compared to other members of his gang, he is the only member of the Animals who has a more sympathetic (or less hostile) view towards V.