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Ellis Carter is a Maelstrom member and the last publicly known supporter of Brick who suffered cyberpsychosis after trying to take revenge on Royce alone.


Upon approaching Totentanz the first time, Regina Jones will inform V of screaming being heard from the club's environment. While not something inherently worth investigating, considering the nature of the music commonly played in the club and the fact that the owners of the establishment aren't strangers to some less-than-harmonious methods, Regina insists that something more sinister might be going on and invites the merc to take a look. She warns V of the dangers of dealing with Maelstrom, but still appeals to the survival of the subject.

Following the trail of bodies and blood, Ellis can be found crouching in front of a trash pile filled with some more corpses, supposedly those which were bounced out of the club. He will attack on sight. Further investigation will show that he hoped to get Brick's aid in dealing with Royce, but Brick instead disappointed him by telling that the best course of action in the matter would be running away. Being left alone, he faced fellow Maelstrom members, Hoof and Sanders, who saw more potential in him as a bouncer than a corpse. They, alongside their fellow gang member Dor, went against Royce's directive and, after torturing Ellis to a near death state, replaced his cyberware, gave him enough drugs to lose all sense of reality and assigned him to a position of a guard dog. However, he left a visceral mess after dealing with each problem and howled quite loudly due to his inability to speak, so they decided to bring him in - an idea that would have ended them both.

Should Ellis be left alive by the encounter with, both V's and Regina's initial assessment is that he is way too far lost to psychosis to survive, although he will at least be useful as a test subject.


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  • Aside of the archived conversation, Ellis will offer a levelled DR5 Nova and a Skill Shard: Breach Protocol.
  • In the area where you encounter Ellis initially, you can find a pile of drug inhalers that were used to torture him, but their description when you scan them, names him as Ellis Duarte, which is likely an unintentional mismatch.