We have no United States until we have a country again.
- Elizabeth Kress, Cyberpunk Red

Elizabeth Kress was a former president of Militech, and later was the president of New United States of America from 2019 to 2069. She was instrumental in keeping the NUSA together in the wake of the Fourth Corporate War and rebuilding the country. Elizabeth had her own interest and fought to make the NUSA into a functional dictatorship with the help of Militech.


1978 - 2020

Elizabeth Kress was born in a small Air Force hospital on Okinawa, Japan in 1978. Her father was a major in the USAF, a distinguished officer with a twenty-year career. At twenty-two, Elizabeth graduated from the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs; a promising career awaited her in the military. After only eight years she had risen to the rank of Colonel, commanding a unit in NORAD. When the the European Space Agency's Tycho colony on Luna dropped a two-ton rock on Colorado Springs during the First Orbit War in 2008, Kress was returning from vacation, recalled due to the rising tensions between the U.S. and the EEC.

Elizabeth Kress during this time later served as the President of Militech.[1]

After one term as Senator from her adopted home state of Colorado, Kress was asked to accept the nomination for Vice President in 2016. Her acceptance speech at the convention, entitled "Rebuilding the Dream", was a huge success. When former President Blair was struck ill in 2018, Elizabeth was there to assume command. Blair passed away six months later. Elizabeth Kress was sworn in as President on April 14, 2019. Her casual manner and precise way of speaking have made her a popular president.[2]

2022 - 2023

During the Fourth Corporate War, President Kress nationalized Militech in order to save face. After the terrorist bombing of Arasaka Tower, Kress blamed the Night City bombing on Arasaka, despite the fault lying with Militech. The president used this to demonize Arasaka for her own interests. Arasaka's charters to operate in the United States were immediately revoked, its members and board declared terrorists, and its assets either seized or driven off-shore. Elizabeth turned the New United Sates into a functional dictatorship, and with the help of Militech she made it her goal to unify the country under her new ideals.

2040 - 2069

Elizabeth remained the Presdient of the NUSA, for many decades after the war. By 2045, Kress was known for her honesty, fairness, and tough nature, serving to face any threat to U.S. sovereignty. She had been "re-elected" four times, holding the New United States together in spite of the wars and collapse it had sustained.[3]

However, many still questioned her actions that would often benefit the Militech Corporation, her former employer.[1] Elizabeth knew of the Militech mini-nuke that was use on Arasaka, and refused to ever address the issues brought up by the public. She continued to hold the NUSA presidency until 2069, when she was succeeded by Rosalind Myers, another former Militech CEO.[4][5]


INT: 9, COOL: 10, MA: 6, REF: 7, ATTR: 7, BODY: 7, TECH: 9, LUCK: 7, EMPATHY: 9[2]


Charismatic Leadership +9, Awareness +9, Education +7, Wardrobe and Style +5, Composition +7, Persuasion +8, Oratory +8, Social +9, History +6, Library Search +8, EXP: Military Officer +7, EXP; Political Science +6, EXP; American Politics +6, EXP: American Government +8[2]


Audio W/ Tight Beam, Level Damper, Scrambler, Sound Editing[2]


In the original Cyberpunk 2020 lore, Kress was elected and later sworn into presidency in 2019. In Cyberpunk Red, her election date had been changed to 2021.


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