Elizabeth Borden, also known as Liz or Lizzie is a name given to a slightly psychotic joy girl working with one of the gangs in the Mall. She (in her more lucid moments) is a good source of information.[2]


Later in life she owned her own strip club called Lizzie's Bar. Lizzie earned the reputation as one who defends prostitutes from their violent clients.


On May 13, 2067, Lizzie was murdered by the Tyger Claws after she killed three members with an axe for brutally raping and killing a prostitute. She displayed their corpses in front of her bar claiming this would happen to anyone else who harmed a joy girl. City wide riots in response to her death made several prostitutes form a gang known as the Mox who regard themselves as protectors of working girls and guys from violence and abuse.[3]


A woman named Lizzie Borden was the main suspect in the August 4, 1892 axe murders in Fall River, Massachusetts.


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