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Elflines Online (ELO) is free DLC released by R. Talsorian Games for Cyberpunk RED.[1]

In the Cyberpunk universe, it is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by gaming company Segotari.


By 2045, Elflines Online was developed by Segotari as the launch title for their new RUSH REVOLUTION interactive braindance headset. It became quite popular amongst the citizens of Night City, and the rest of the continent.

Since its release, the game has already created a generation of inspired fans, and has grown to have its own Network 55 show - "The Elflines Online! Chronicles" - as well as toys and a limited edition of "Sacred herbs" Kibble (including a collectible packaging) made by Continental Brands.

The game servers are found in CitiNet, where players compete for the best items they can get, and be the first to make boss kills.[2]


Long before the events of the game, the Elflands, populated with magic elves, were protected by a hero. However, the hero disappeared, allowing evil forces to destroy and take over the land, stealing the elves' magic. In the time of when the game is set, new heroes are rising up, seeking to return the Elflands to its former glory, as well as becoming the new hero of the land.[2]

How to buy

Segotari RUSH REVOLUTION® headset

A copy of Elflines Online costs 50 eurodollars, and another 500 for the a Segotari RUSH REVOLUTION® interactive braindance headset. Additionally, all lifepaths start with a Generic Prepak - costing 20€$ a month - allowing you to create one character. Reaching the Good Prepak and higher ones, will unlock to option to create as many character as you want, and the option to pay to remove "Revive Sickness" without having to care about the costs.

The in-game currency is called gp, and can be bought in bundles of 1€$ for 100, or 2000gp for 20€$.[2]



Miasma is an important game mechanic. Excluded from major cities or player camps, Miasma can be found anywhere in the game. It mainly has two effects: it can suspend the elven healing acceleration once it has stabilized, preventing treatments, and it unlocks PvP in the area, meaning if you are killed by another player who is not from the same Elfine server, they get rewarded with a 1000gp from your 2000gp death tax or from your payment to remove Revive Sickness.

If a player is outside a Miasma effect area, if stabilized, their health heals back to 100%.[2]


Reaching Rank 3 with any character unlocks a title for said character based on the stat they chose to increat the most:[2]

  • Barkshield - Unlocked by BODY.
  • Bladedancer - Unlocked by DEXTERITY.
  • Bowmaster - Unlocked by REFLEXES.
  • Druid - Unlocked by EMP.
  • Quickhand - Unlocked by TECHNOLOGY.
  • Sage -Unlocked by INTELLIGENCE.
  • Warmheart - Unlocked by COOLNESS.
  • Wayfarer - Unlocked by evenly spreading the points.
  • Wildblood - Unlocked by WILL.
  • Windkin - Unlocked by REFLEXES.



  • Minnie
  • Tony
  • Hayabusa
  • Ami
  • Ben
  • "Mountain"
  • "Granny Ed" Edna
  • "The Man with No Past" John Doe
  • Lapin
  • Kirk
  • Dallas

Player characters

  • Daeric Sylar
  • Morlissa
  • Dorian
  • Nyx
  • Bur
  • Wormoowd
  • Tira
  • Salmistra, Mistress of Winds
  • Jinx
  • Moonshadow
  • Sorrel
  • xxBlackrockxx
  • Ameryssian "Lunchbox"



  • Elflines Online was part of an April's Fools article written by R. Talsorian Games on April 1st, 2021. It later received an expansion pack after positive response from the fans.



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