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Dr. Edward Michaels, phd is a character in the Cyberpunk series.


Dr. Edward Michaels is the current Dean of Night City University. Anyone who wants anything from the University will eventually meet with this man. He is balding and in his late fifties, but still runs every morning to keep in shape. Dr. Michaels is a very open and honest man, he made his reputation for excellence in the academic circles during his term on the Pacifica school board. He always tries to keep the corporations out of the University's decision-making processes. Michaels also believes that everyone at the university should be treated equally; while many of his colleagues believe that total corporate sponsorship is the way to go.[1]

In 2045 he still runs every morning to keep in shape, aided by his new Rocklin Augmentics cyberlegs and has made deals with various groups of Edgerunners in the interest of defending his university in the Time of the Red.[2]


INT 10, REF 4, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 6, LUCK 4, MA 5, BODY 6, EMP 9.[1]


Education 9, System Knowledge (University) 1 0, Chemistry 9, Physics 6, Biology 5, History 4, Botany 2, Leadership 1, Mathematics 6, Geology 1.[1]


Cyberaudio with digital recorder link.[1]


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