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Edward Llewellyn a special operations agent and trainer for the Lazarus Group.


Edward Llewellyn is Douglas Llewellyn's handsome 26 year old son, a graduate of Cambridge University and the British SAS commando school. He is now a special operations agent and cadre trainer for the Lazarus group. Edward is a fine young man, raised in the best spirit of the military tradition. He and Colonel Emile Lazarus have been friends ever since Lazarus became acquainted with his father, and he thinks of Lazarus as an uncle. Lazarus loves the boy, and treats him like the son he never had.

Captain Llewellyn is not in on his father's plan to oust Lazarus. He is, however, beginning to suspect the former Brigadiers ambitions. If he becomes more certain, he will attempt to warn Lazarus of the imminent betrayal. The elder Llewellyn encourages his son's friendship with Lazarus, believing that his son lacks knowledge of his plans, and that the relationship will make Lazarus more trusting, and therefore vulnerable.[1]


INT 7, REF 10, TECH 6, COOL 10, ATTR 10, LUCK 1, MA 8, BODY 8, EMP 7/5, SAVE 8, BTM -3.[1]


Combat Sense 7, Resist Torture/ Drugs 3, Awareness/ Notice 7, Education and Gen Know. 4, Expert Black Operations 5, Expert Commando Operations 5, Hide/Evade 6, Shadow/Track 6, Teaching 4, Wilderness Survival 4, Driving 6, Pilot Fixed Wing 4, Handgun 7, Rifle 7, Submachinegun 4, Melee 5, Stealth 4, Demolitions 8, Elect. Security 4, Aikido 4.[1]


Basic processor, interface plugs, smartgun link, chipware socket, basic cyberoptic, targeting scope, teleoptics, Low Lite™, Times Square Marquee, basic cyberaudio, amplified hearing, radio link, scrambler, wide band radio scanner.[1]


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