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The Ebunike is a moored container vessel in Cyberpunk 2077.


The ship named after former Night City mayor Mbole Ebunike can be found on a dry dock at the Ebunike Docks on Daniels Street in Northside, Watson. It is currently owned by Arasaka solo Adam Smasher.

In 2077, it is under supervision of Jeremiah Grayson and Maelstrom, as Smasher is attending to other business.[1]

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The Ebunike is a cargo ship docked in Night City that's been awaiting renovation for the last thirty years. At this point, the scaffolding has more or less become a permanent fixture. The vessel was named after Mbole Ebunike, a former mayor of Night City. Today, the name is associated with the entirety of the docks where it is located that fall under Maelstrom control. For many years it served as one of Adam Smasher's many hideouts.[1]

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