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The Eastern Wastelands is a region of the Badlands found east of Night City.[1]


The barren deserted hellscape to the east of Night City is both a testimony and legacy to the irreversible climate collapse that was triggered by the wars and the extreme exploitation of natural resources during the the last decade of the 20th century and the first ones of the 21st.

Not much has remained over the years, with the exception of ghost towns and derelict structures from a distant past. Only nomads and scavengers roam the wilderness and even they struggle to find anything useful out there.[1]




Behind the scenes

A highway heads east out of Night City and straight into a post-apocalyptic Wild West. This is Nomad territory, hence the provisory architecture: tents, trailers and camper vans. The only permanent structures are abandoned relics, ghost towns scavenged and repurposed by wandering folk. Stylistically, Entropism rules here, since everything must serve maximal purpose at minimal cost, yet it is far more likely to be DIY and jury-rigged than mass-produced corporate junk. The ostentatious, blaring Kitsch of Night City's entertainment districts is completely absent, though the Nomads have a vibrant visual identity featured in the patches they sew on their clothes and the graffiti they tag on their rides. These splashes of color are, however, the exceptions in a region dominated by two elements: blinding sunlight and choking dust.[2]



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