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The EBM Petrochem Stadium, also known as the Nighthawks Stadium,[1] is a dilapidated sporting arena located in Dogtown, Night City.



Outside the walled area of the stadium, in Coastview, there are two Fast Travel points: a Data Term in the parking lot to the north and an NCART metro station to the west. An unfinished line runs from the stadium and curves around Coastview to the highway south of Heywood.[2]

The stadium parking lot in the north is the location of one of the gates into Dogtown. The area is heavily patrolled by BARGHEST.


The main entrance to the stadium is located in the south, in Dogtown proper. A large section of infrastructure is used as a black market.

A statue representing the Night City Nighthawks is found right after entering the stadium. A plaque reads: "Charge! Anthony Davis. 2065."[3]

Stadium Underground Parking[]

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The derelict parking garage underneath the stadium is still being using as a smuggling route to get goods out and into Dogtown. The area consists of sites A1 through A9 and B1 through B8.



The EBM Petrochem Stadium started construction during the 2060s[4] and was part of the new infrastructures aimed to turn Pacifica into a resort city. It was to be the crowning jewel of Serenisands.[5] A number of companies participated in its construction including Halsey, Ferris & Skiv, Zhirafa, Petrochem, and to a minor degree Corp-Bud and Aurochs.[6] The stadium was going to be the new home of the Night City Nighthawks. At the entrance hall, a sculpture representing the team was designed and built in 2065 by Anthony Davis.[3]

Unfortunately for the Nighthawks, they were disbanded before the arena's scheduled 2069 opening. However, the latter never happened as, like the rest of the district, the stadium's construction was abandoned during the Unification War.[7]


Following the war, the EBM Petrochem Stadium fell under what would become Dogtown. Not long after, Kurt Hansen ordered his BARGHEST forces to shot down a large Zhirafa cargo aerozep which had been used by the NUS Army. The aircraft crashed down into the arena, allowing BARGHEST to gain access to the aerozep's atomic fission engine in order to feed the arena and Dogtown's energy demand without depending on exterior suppliers.[8][4][9][10]

Hansen used the abandoned stadium to establish Dogtown's black market as a place for gun trade and other unsavory dealings, turning the former Serenisands into a very profitable business. As such, the powers-that-be decided to leave Dogtown alone, allowing Hansen to continue as its ruler.[11] Over the years, the stadium's market became Dogtown's beating-heart, where you could find a large variety of unique, tax-free, and hard to find items. It catered not only to the local residents, but also many of Night City's largest corporations and most influential players. With this, the stadium became the largest black market trade location on the West Coast. Although there was no NCPD or corporate influence, BARGHEST maintained a tight grip on the place.[9][12][4]

Database Entry[]

EBM Petrochem Stadium


Once home to the Night City Nighthawks football team, EBM Petrochem Stadium now hosts a bustling hub for illegal trade. The black market within caters not only to the residents of Dogtown, but also to many of Night City's largest corprorations and most influential players – off the books, of course. A nuclear-powered aerozep that crashed into the field once upon a time now serves as the primary power source for entire stadium as well as several surrounding buildings.[9]



  • Nighthawks Rehabilitation Center


  • The stadium was named after its potential sponsors: Euro Business Machines and Petrochem.
  • In 2077, the Night City Corsairs fanpage was petitioning the Night City administration to reclaim the EBM Petrochem Stadium for the Corsairs.[7]
  • The advertisements near the stadium's entrance point to a 2059 grand opening. Despite this, the Nighthawks never played in it nor was it ever finished before the Unification War of 2069.[6] The Corsairs fanpage points to a 2069 opening.[7]
  • The stadium upper stands have the word "Corsairs" written in blue.
  • In Cyberpunk RED, the area occupied by the stadium is roughly at the same location as Eagle Rock Stadium.


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