Dynalar Technologies is a Cybernetic Technology company in the year 2077. This company makes Cybernetic implants for its customers. The company Specializes in Chrome Plated Cybernetic Arms for Women. The Chrome Plated Fad is still going on in 2077. In 2077 many famous Movie stars wore Chrome Plated arms built by Dynalar Technologies.


Sometime in the year 2077 a Cybernetically Enhanced woman went on a murder rampage near a Dynalar Tech. Store in Night City, Northern California. Its also speculated that this woman also was using Enhancements from Dynalar Technologies as well.

Dynalar Technologies has a regional office in the Northside sector of Downtown Night City.[1]

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Cyberpunk 2020 Products Line-Up Edit

Type Products
Cyberware Dynalar "Digits" Cyberfingers, Dynalar Gradiated Subdermal Armor (Torso), Dynalar Subdermal Armor (Skull), Dynalar Extra Twist™ Joint Addition, Dynalar Smartgun 2 SmartPlate Weapons Link, Dynalar Web Hand, Dynalar "Endo-Frame", Dynalar NewTeeth, Dynalar PowerJaw
Full Body Conversion Dynalar Aquarius, Dynalar Brimstone

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