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Hey, your skull doesn't have any moving parts, at least not in the important places, like right over your brain! So why not get subdermal plating on your main cranium? It protects like a helmet in every way (there's a 1-4 on 1D10 chance any head attack hits an unprotected part—like our face or neck; subject to Reps ruling). Requires MA surgery.

Game Notes: Subdermal armor on your face and neck also sounds like a great idea; right? Not so. Average skin thickness on your face is less than half an inch. Adding a 1/4 inch thick rigid kevlar weave to your torso and skull is possible, but not on your face.[1]

SP HC Cost Change to spot ATTR loss
4 1D6/3 300 Impossible (35) None
6 1D6/2 550 Impossible (30) None
8 1D6 750 Very difficult (25) None
10 1D6+2 1000 Difficult (20) None
12 1D6+3 1200 Average (15) -1(50%)
14 2D6 1400 Easy (10) -1


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