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Dynalar Technologies Brimstone is full body conversion designed for firefighter. Immune to the hazards of smoke inhalation, burns and rapidly-changing pressures, Brimstone can do the work of an entire company of regular firemen. Originally deployed in London, Brimstone cyborgs are now a regular sight in many major cities throughout the world.

As a necessity, the Brimstone package is fully fireproofed and insulated, making it capable of enduring the searing heat of almost any blazing inferno. It is also protected by extra-thick layers of laminate armor, allowing it to survive such catastrophes as collapsing ceilings, falling rubble and explosive backdrafts. The musculature of the Brimstone system mixes thickened myomar fibers with magnetic piston actuators, giving it strength it needs to break through doors and walls to reach trapped civilians. An improved response time in the cybernetic nervous system also makes sure that Brimstone can re- act quickly to the crisis situations it was designed for, and an automatic pain editing feature keeps the cyborg from feeling the searing heat that may surround him.

Since the intense heat of blazing fires will scramble IR and thermal imagers, and smoke will obscure any other visual sensors, the Brimstone conversion includes a low-power radar sensor. The signal emitter is housed in the chest, with the receiver mounted in the forehead, allowing the cyborg to navigate through the thickest smoke without difficulty. This conversion's audio pack-age includes a radio link, so that communications can be maintained with the command structure and other firefighters. Amplified hearing range, sound editing, and acoustic level dampers make it possible to hear the calls of trapped victims through the loudest explosions and blazes.

For active anti-blaze and rescue duty, the Brimstone cybersystem has a C02 fire extinguisher built into its left arm, and the right arm has a tubular conductor for water drawn in through a high-pressure pump in the back.

To complete the package, dual revolving-style emergency light bars (in yellow and white) are mounted on the shoulders, accompanied a siren to bystanders know that the authorities have arrived.[1]

Brimstone Physical Stats
Reflex: 11 *2*
Attractiveness: NA
Movement Allowance: 10
M/turn: 30m MPH: 20mph
Jump (up): 6m (broad): 8m
Body: 14 *4*
Lift: 560kg Throw: 140m
Damage Mod: +6
Punch: 1D6+6 Kick: 2D6+6
Physical Structure
SP: 30
SDP: 20 (disabled), 30 (destroyed)
Options (Optic): 4 & 4
Options (Audio) 6
Right Arm w/ Hand Torso Left Arm w/ Hand
SP: 30 SP: 30 SP: 30
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 30/40 SDP: 20/30
Options: 3 Options: 4 Options: 3
Right Leg w/ Foot Left Leg w/ Foot
SP: 30 SP: 30
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 20/30
Options: 2 Options: 2

Option Packages[]

Sensor Options[]

Radar Sensor - 100m range, very reliable. *2*

Audio Systems: Radio link with 1 km range, Amplified Hearing (+2 to audio Awareness rolls), Level Damper (prevents deafening), Sound Editor (selective sound sensor, adds +1 to audio Awareness rolls). *3*[1]

Other Options[]

Water hose System - A high-pressure pump in the back draws in water from a firehose, which can be attached to a sleeve in the back. A duct leads through to the arm, which has an adjustable nozzle in the wrist. The water can reach up to 50m, and has very high pressure (Very Difficult BOD roll to withstand it). *2*

C02 Fire Extinguisher - 5m range, fueled by a replaceable 10-turn cannister. If used as a weapon, target must make a Difficult REF roll to avoid being blinded for 1D6/2 turns. *1*

Pain Editor - This system tunes out heat, cold and pain. *2*

Light Bars - These cannot be used to blind, just as signals. *1*[1]


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