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Dream On is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


Some time after completing I Fought the Law, you will receive a call from Jefferson Peralez requesting that V investigate another case for him and his wife.

Go to the Peralez apartment in Charter Hill, Westbrook, where Elizabeth will guide V to the living room. There, the waiting Jefferson explains that he witnessed an intruder in their apartment several nights ago. Jefferson recalls shooting the man but losing consciousness shortly thereafter. Oddly, their private security, SSI, denies that any incident occurred. After the talking, Jefferson leaves the apartment for an election meeting, leaving Elizabeth to help V check the clues.

Elizabeth will begin with a brief tour of the apartment, but soon you will be able to freely explore. During the investigation, you can explore the apartment and scan certain objects to ask Elizabeth for some information, such as their diplomas from Asukaga-Berkeley Law School, their wedding photo, their family's photo etc. During these investigations, you will likely soon notice that Elizabeth's memory is chaotic. For example, Elizabeth says her husband has never smoked, but V has previously seen Jefferson smoking; Elizabeth says the roses during the wedding are blue, but they are actually red in the wedding photo. Moreover, checking the computers in the control room downstairs reveals that SSI security are actually aware and complicit in the ongoing events.

Scanning the corridor upstairs will reveal patched bullet holes in the wall and chemically scrubbed residues of blood, which you should follow. Along the way, you will find a broken screen of smart glass, which you can attempt to repair with sufficient Technical Ability. Touching the screen this way triggers a shock that affects both V and Johnny, although Elizabeth notices nothing during the event. Eventually, the trail will lead to a wall that you can scan to find a hidden door. You can gain entry to this hidden room by force (requires Body), via the computer in the control room (use the code 6709, which can be found in an adjacent computer station, or by hacking the station), or through a hatch on the roof of the building. Regardless, you will find a secret monitoring station, whereby Elizabeth and Jefferson were being observed without their knowledge. Elizabeth will be shocked and presently feels head discomfort, leaving you to continue the investigation alone. Scan the strange computer in the room, which will prompt you to follow the cables trailing upwards.

Use the nearby ladder to exit to the roof of the building, where there is an old-fashioned transmitter, which Johnny notes resembles those used by Militech during the corpo war. Because such antennae rely on line-of-sight, you are prompted to scan the vicinity; doing so in the direction of the transmitter's dish reveals a distant van near another antenna. After finding the van, return to Elizabeth and tell her about the transmitter, then leave the apartment to find the van. As you head out the door, Johnny will suggest that V go on wheels rather than on foot, so summon a nimble ride and drive over.

The vehicle in question is parked in the Japantown sub-district of Westbrook. When you approach it, it will be revealed as a heavily modified Emperor 620 Ragnar, which will begin driving away quickly. Losing the Ragnar causes you to fail the job, so try to stay close. Due to Ragnar's high speed, you should try to avoid any collisions and stay close. If you are having difficulty dealing with the tight turns, using a bike like Jackie's ARCH can help. If you lose the van, the mission will fail, and V will call Elizabeth to tell her about it.

The Ragnar will enter Northside and eventually go to a Maelstrom compound near the All Foods Factory. Your goal is to connect to the access point on the vehicle. You can sneak in by climbing to the roof using scaffolds in an alley to the right, but after you go into the building, you still should neutralize all enemies before you approach the van. On one of the agents, you can find an encrypted shard regarding Project Condin.

Accessing the vehicle's database will uncover evidence that a shadowy organization is manipulating the brains of Jefferson, Elizabeth, and others to modify personalities and behavior. This process has already caused severe memory loss to both Jefferson and Elizabeth. Johnny suggests V to download the data, but as soon as he says that, the data is deleted by someone. After the investigation, you should call Elizabeth and apprise her of the situation. Elizabeth will ask that you meet with her in person before doing anything else.

Elizabeth can be found at a ramen shop in Yagami Market. There, she will explain that she has already noticed Jefferson's changing personality, and she fears that she is also changing. Knowing her husband and fearing the consequences of his reaction, Elizabeth will implore you to conceal the truth from Jefferson.

Jefferson is waiting for you in a park located in Corpo Plaza in the City Center. When you near the meeting location, your optics will be spiked as you receive a call from an unknown individual, who warns you not to cross the line by revealing to Jefferson what you have learned.

In the meeting location, Jefferson asks V about the investigation result. You can choose to tell Jefferson the truth about the brainwashing or lie and omit the information you got from the van.

If V tells the truth to Jefferson:

Jefferson is shocked by the terrifying truth, and also angry at Elizabeth about lying to him. He will decide to play along with his manipulators' plans until he sees an opportunity to expose them but potentially risking his life and the lives of his family.

If V follows Elizabeth's words:

V tells Jefferson that there is no news and the SSI had been receiving money from Weldon Holt among many other clients. Jefferson will decide to win the election first, and then deal with Holt.

Journal Entry[]

Well, well, special favors for politicians. You think you've got any clout here? The Peralezes might seem like decent and down-to-earth folk - not sitting snug in the corps' pockets like the rest. But they're still part of the ruling elite, V. If they gotta step over you to get to the top, they won't hesitate. Don't believe even for a second that they're any different.


  • Go to the Peralezes' apartment.
  • Use the intercom.
  • Take the elevator.
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Talk to the Peralezes.
  • Sit
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Let Elizabeth show you around.
  • Examine the apartment.
    • Follow the blood trail.
    • Scan to find where the trail of blood leads.
    • Search the security room for a way to open the hidden door. [Optional]
    • Find the hidden room.
    • Follow the cables.
    • Find the transmission source.
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Leave the apartment.
  • Look for the surveillance van.
  • Follow the surveillance van.
  • Connect to the van's Access Point.
    • Neutralize the attackers.
    • Analyze the data
  • Call Elizabeth.
  • Go to the ramen shop.
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Sit with Elizabeth.
  • Meet with Jefferson.