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Dr. Wu Chii Lee is a healer, priest, fortune teller and herbal pharmacist to his people. Lee is also well known and respected by his peers for having his finger on the pulse of Little China. Information flows like a stream through his hands, often directed by him to where it will do the most good. To most people, he seems to be a simple herbalist who speaks only his native Cantonese. But if faced with an interesting problem, or shown proper respect, this facade is quickly done away with and he can be of great help.[1]

Dr. Wu is still same as before but now ensconced in the Watson Development.[2]


Med. Tech 8, Pharmacology 10, Teach 4, Human Perception 7, Street Deal 5, Martial Arts 6, Streetwise 3, Culture 3, Persuasion 3, Awareness 3, General Knowledge 3, Drive 6, Complex Language (Chinese) 7.[1]




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