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Dr. Paul Robichaud is the director of the Lazarus Group.[1]


Dr. Robichaud is president of the Katzadoulos Military and Strategic Sciences Foundation and senior fellow and director of the Lazarus Military Institute. His analytic and academic skills in the field of military, political and strategic science are unrivaled. Robichaud pursued undergraduate history studies at the Sorbonne, in his native France, and then went on to graduate work at Cambridge and Harvard. After receiving his doctorate,he went to work for the French government. In 2005, Robichaud left government work for the private industry, doing analysis for Jane's, and then when Jane's went defunct, for the London Based think tank Headley, Cromwell and Webber. In 2012, Robichaud secretly petitioned the Lazarus group for extraction. One successful black operation later, Robichaud joined the Foundation. He has been at its forefront ever since, teaching, researching, and publishing and editing the Review.

Robichaud is currently 66 years old, with a kindly demeanor that belies a lifetime spent studying the politics and mechanics of warfare, violence and death. Robichaud and his wife live in northern Virginia, a short drive from the Foundation complex. Their estate is always under guard, due to the threat of extraction. As a valuable property, corporations and governments world-wide desire Robichaud's services.

Robichaud eschews all cyberware, but has a wafer-thin homing beacon implanted in his arm, with a five mile range and a distress signal that can be activated by firm pressure. The frequency is monitored 24 hours by a quick response anti-extraction team based out of Arlington, only a five minute Osprey flight from Robichaud's estate.[1]


INT 11, REF 4, TECH 8, COOL 6, ATTR 4, LUCK 7, MA 3, BODY 5, EMP 8/5, SAVE 5, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 8, Personal Grooming 3, Wardrobe and Style 2, Oratory 7, Social 3, Composition 10,Education and Gen Know. 10,Expert Military History 10, Strategic Studies 9, Political Science 9,Expert World History 7, Economics 7, Expert Psychology 4, Expert Analyst 8, Expert Editor 4, English 7, Library Search 5, Teaching 6.[1]


None except beacon.[1]


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