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Dr. Paradox is the Writer/Editor/Publisher of "Dr. Paradox's Mysteries", a conspiracy/exposé screamsheet.[2]

One of the longest running underground screamsheets before the 4th Corporate War, Doctor Paradox's Mysteries printed or displayed as a collection of barely coherent rantings, post-modern poetry, and purposefully disturbing images designed to "shake up the masses".

By 2020, Doctor Paradox began heavily promoting otherwise baseless conspiracy theories, including a government plot to utilize an Artificial intelligence to turn the population into zombies. Paradox believed President Elizabeth Kress to be an Artificial Intelligence herself, using a brainwashed actor to present a human face to the public when needed,[3] later responding to questioning by raving about alien connections on the Net and similar occurrences.[2]


INT 8, COOL 5, MA 4, REF 5, ATTR 7, BODY 6, TECH 7, LUCK 3, EMP 5 (4)[2]


Neural processor w/Data Term link; Machine-Tech link, Chipware socket, 1x set of I-face Plugs.[2]


CREDIBILITY +5, Awareness/Notice +4, Personal Grooming +2, Education & Knowledge +6, Paint & Draw +4, Composition +2, Interview +2, Expert (Electronic Publishing) +4, Basic Tech +4, Library Search +6, Handgun +2[2]


Generic streetwear, kevlar jacket, image wallet, WorldSat newsviewer, Cab-Hailer, Cellular phone, mint-flavored cigarettes.[2]