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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2077. For the distinct location in Cyberpunk 2020, see Old Downtown.

Downtown is a sub-district of City Center in Night City.


Downtown is another one of Night City's newer sub-districts, built from scratch after the Nuke Incident. The history of the old Downtown vanished with the blast wave. Now the massive new office and apartment buildings, corporate hotels, and restaurants emanate a unique posh vibe. During the night the wide streets are well-lit and buzzing, filled with people and traffic. Neon signs are everywhere, advertising all kinds of pubs, bars, strip clubs, fast food joints and "one night" hotels. Being an upper-tier district, Downtown is also the social heart of Night City.

Like the rest of Night City, Downtown has a second face that's hidden during the day and seen only by night. It has dark alleys, shadowy spots, and sleazy hotels where drug deals go down and black braindance is produced. These are the places gangers from other districts come to have their own kind of fun, and some of them even work as bouncers and bodyguards.[1]

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Downtown is one of the newest districts in Night City, having been re-built after the Arasaka Headquarters Bombing. If you buy a postcard in Night City, chances are it has a picture of Downtown, with its sky-high office and apart buildings, corporate hotels and exclusive restaurants - it all screams glamor and luxury. No matter where you turn, you'll see animated billboards and ads for bars, BD clubs, or love hotels. For those who have cash to spend, Downtown is the beating heart of the city.

But like all other districts, Downtown also has darker side. After dusk, in sketchy alleyways, hotels and bars, you can meet dealers offering synthetic drugs and illegal braindances. Most places offering nighttime entertainment are also guarded by gang members. Businessmen and criminals, prestige and fraud, power and brute strength - these are all two sides of the same coin called Downtown.[2]


Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Berkeley & Bruce Skiv
  • Downtown Central
  • Gold Beach Marina
  • Metro: Downtown - Alexander St
  • Skyline & Republic

Behind the scenes

Though in truth locked down and thoroughly corporate-controlled, Downtown feels loose and relaxed compared to Corporate Plaza. There's plenty to do by way of entertainment, but it's not quite "fun" like Japantown is—it is not a district designed for your pleasure, but which pleasures you as a calculated move to maximize your productivity. Few actually live Downtown, but its streets are still filled with life: during the day, pedestrians swarm, taking care of the business of keeping Night City in business, while at night, tourists and corporate employees on "vacation" a few hundred yards from their offices stumble from their Downtown hotels to its many bars and clubs. All in all, Downtown is classic cyberpunk: corridors of glass and steel, seas of pedestrians, in-your-face ads on every corner. In terms of our styles, here you find controlled Kitsch: busy, bright and colorful, but against a Neomilitarist backdrop that reminds you this is still corporate turf.


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