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Down on the Street is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It is triggered by a phone call from Takemura at some point after completing Playing for Time.


After receiving a call from Takemura, head to the Japantown docks.

Journal Entry

If someone told me I'd be taking calls from Saburo Arasaka's fucking bodyguard, I'd have laughed in their face. And now we're supposed to meet with some Takemura? Hand over all our detes? I'm not even gonna pretend like this is a good idea. But fuck it - sometimes you just gotta go all in.


  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Meet with Takemura.
  • Lean on the barrier and wait for Takemura.
  • Talk to Oda.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Get in Takemura's van.
  • Go to Wakako.
  • Talk to Wakako.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Wait a day for Takemura's call.


  • When Takemura calls V, the holocall will not have any dialogue options and block interactions with other NPCs, therefore softlocking the game. This usually happens on saves made with version 1.06 that are loaded on version 1.1 onwards. This was fixed in Hotfix 1.11.


  • The title of the job comes from The Stooges song, Down on the Street.