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Colonel Douglas Llewellyn is the second highest ranking military officer/executive at Lazarus Group.[1]


Colonel Douglas Llewellyn, formerly Brigadier General Douglas Llewellyn of the Royal Marines, is an old acquaintance of Lazarus', and is the Groups' second highest ranking military officer/executive. If anything should happen to Lazarus, Llewellyn is first in line to succeed him for the Groups' top military job.Llewellyn served in the British Royal Marines for several years, leaving at Lazarus' and Katzadoulos' request to accept a commission in the Lazarus Group.Llewellyn had participated in several combat engagements for the crown, including Northern Ireland and the 1999 Hong Kong riots, and had credentials almost as good as Colonel Lazarus. He had refused in 2005 to resign his commission in the Royal Marines in order to Join EBM's corporate army, and had successfully thwarted two EBM extractions before Joining the Lazarus Group in 2015.

Lazarus and Colonel Llewellyn met in 2007, when Lazarus was serving as a mercenary in Zimbabwe and Llewellyn was assigned as an adviser by the British government. They found that they had similar tactical style sand experience. Much of their off-duty time was spent getting drunk together and rambling through the brothels of Zimbabwe's capital, Harare. Both left Zimbabwe later that same year, but remained in touch ever after.

Llewellyn is 53 years old. He and his family live on an estate in Scotland. As with Lazarus, Llewellyn spends much of his time in Washington and touring the Group's facilities. Llewellyn is a striking man, tall and thin, with no visible cyberware other than sockets and plugs. He has a reputation as a hard and unforgiving leader, demanding top performance from his troops atall times. Llewellyn is not without dark secrets: he has become cynical and power hungry over the years.Although Lazarus is yet unaware, Llewellyn covets the top Group military job, and is privately scheming to have Lazarus removed, discredited or killed. Llewellyn's plot is in its early stages now, and Lazarus has no idea of his friend's duplicity.


Combat Sense 7, Style 6, Interrogation 10, Leader-ship 5, Awareness/Notice 5, Education and Gen Know. 7, Strategist 5, Expert Small Unit Tactics 4, Expert Urban Combat 5, History Great Britain 3, French 3,Dodge and Escape 5, Pistol 6, Rifle 6, Submachine gun 3, Stealth 3,Demolitions 2, Boxing 5, Driving 5


Basic processor, Kerenzikov boosterware level 2, smartgun link,interface plugs, chipware socket,pain editor, basic cyberoptic, targeting scope.


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