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Don't Lose Your Mind is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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After completing Epistrophy:

Visit Corpo Plaza (Hidden):

You hear a news report on the radio, about a traffic jam in the Corpo Plaza area. 3 Delamain Cabs can be found blocking the roundabout, after intercepting a Kaukaz Bratsk U4020. Johnny Silverhand will appear and advise you to call Delamain.

Waiting 48 hours:

Delamain calls V back to Delamain HQ, which has been affected by a virus.

  1. Reset the Delamain AI core and delete the AIs - Rewards a Delamain Cab with the default "Delamain" personality. Johnny Silverhand disapproves of this choice.
  2. Destroy the Delamain AI core and free the AIs - Rewards a Delamain Cab with the "Excelsior" personality. Johnny Silverhand strongly approves of this choice.
  3. Hack the Delamain AI core and merge the AIs (requires an Intelligence check) - Rewards a Delamain Cab with the "Delamain Junior" personality. Johnny Silverhand somewhat approves of this choice.

Journal Entry[]

Your buddy Delamain appears to be having some personal issues. How else do you explain his cabs standing in the middle of the road and blocking traffic? better give him a call. Besides, you're short on friends (present imaginary company excluded).


  • Discover the cause of the traffic disturbance. (Hidden)
  • Talk to Johnny. (Hidden)
  • Return to Delamain HQ.
  • Find a way inside Delamain HQ.
  • Search the office for a way to open the door.
  • Proceed down the hallway.
  • Find a way into the workshop.
  • Find a way to the stairs. [Optional]
  • Go downstairs. [Optional]
  • Cross the room. [Optional]
  • Find a way into the control room.
  • Hear out the Delamains.
  • Find Delamain's core.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Destroy the core to liberate the divergent Delamains. [Optional]
  • Reset the core to restore the original Delamain. [Optional]
  • Hack the core to merge all the Delamains. [Optional]
  • Talk to Delamain.
  • Leave through the side exit.
  • Approach the car.
  • Get in the driver's seat.
  • Talk to Delamain.


  • After finishing the quest, the Delamain installed on the vehicle will conversate with V a few times when driving the car. Having Skippy equipped will also trigger a unique comment by the car.
  • The AI in the Militech Canto or the Midnight Arms Erebus will make comments about the situation when choosing how to deal with the Delamain AI's.
  • The computer in Delamain's office requires 8 intelligence to hack. If you do not have 8 Intelligence, you can check the emails in the computers just outside the office for the code (Spoiler: the code is 1234)
  • V's and Johnny's reactions the Delamain personalities is another reference to the ethics of AI and what an artificial personality is. Other missions dealing with this dilemma are Coin Operated Boy or Machine Gun.


The title of this job comes from the Miles Davis song "Don't Lose your Mind" released in 1986.


  • Only the reset Delamain will interact with V after finishing the quest. The other two personalities' conversations do not trigger. The separate AIs will only send SMS.[citation needed]