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Look out, choom! Spoilers from Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty to follow!

If you are hearing this, you've come to the right place. NCPD, gang wars, not in Dogtown. Taxes? Who the fuck needs them. In Dogtown I keep your business safe as long as you abide by my rules.

Kurt Hansen, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Dogtown (also known as Dtown)[2] is a Combat Zone and subdistrict of Pacifica in southern Night City. Before the creation of Dogtown, this area was known as Serenisands.

Dogtown is exclusive to Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and will become accessible during the quest Dog Eat Dog.


Dogtown is a walled-off area located east of the Pacifica sub-districts of Coastview and West Wind Estate.[3] It is divided into different areas including Longshore Stacks, Golden Pacific, Luxor Heights, Terra Cognita and more, all controlled by BARGHEST.[4] Its main entrance is located north of the EBM Petrochem Stadium, in Coastview.[5] The fastest way to enter and exit Dogtown is through the western gate, which also leads to Coastview.



In the 2050s, investors funded the Pacifica district of Night City to become a wealthy touristic destination, with Militech being its major investor.[6][7] This area of eastern Pacifica was to be called Serenisands.[6][8] Major construction companies involved included HFS, Zhirafa, Corp-Bud, Aurochs, among others.

In the following years, Pacifica's old buildings were demolished to give space to new ones. In 2058, a large explosion under a construction site in Serenisands halted the process in the surrounding area. Investigations were issued, but it was never determined the cause, prompting to double the local security detail. The truth was that in the 2020s Militech had built an extensive network of laboratories and bunkers hidden beneath Pacifica's infrastructure, only to be abandoned at some point prior to the Fourth Corporate War. Rumors said that the expulsion had been caused after accidentally uncovering part of Cynosure's project. Due to this, Night City Council decided to wall-off Serenisands, giving the excuse of a gas leak, and Militech constructed a large wall around the district. Construction was resumed, and for a time the new measures were enough to bring investors back.[9][10][6] Many of the new projects were planned to be showcased at the Founding Our Future Innovation EXPO — including models of the Eventide Resort & Spa, the Heavy Hearts Club, and a never-built Militech headquarters based in Night City.[11] The EBM Petrochem Stadium was to be the crowning jewel of Serenisands.[12]

Creation of Dogtown[]

The Unification War (2069 - 2070) halted Pacifica's success in its tracks. As fears mounted that the New United States would invade Night City from Southern California and Pacifica would then become a battlefield, corporations and other investors raced to withdraw their fundings from the district's ongoing projects.[13][14]

It was during the war when NUSA Colonel Kurt Hansen asserted control of a portion of Pacifica. Hansen ignored his orders to leave the area after the war, showing his disdain for the Arvin Accord, and carved his own private paradise, eventually becoming some sort of military tyrant.[4][15][16] With Night City's economy already on a downturn, the effect on Pacifica was disastrous and much of the district was left incomplete and lawless. Construction work was put on permanent hold, leaving most buildings as unfinished hulks of concrete and steel. Not long after, gangs and the homeless moved in. Former Serenisands — controlled by Hansen's people — became a Combat Zone, and at some point was cut-off from the rest of Pacifica.[14]


Although it was originally simply known as the Combat Zone, people started to refer to it as Dogtown due to Hansen and his BARGHEST militia.[17]

Instead of scrapping the cargo aerozep that crashed into the EBM Petrochem Stadium, Dogtown repurposed its nuclear engine to feed the district's energy demand without depending on exterior suppliers.[18]

After establishing Dogtown's Black Market, gun trade and other unsavory dealings turned the former area of Pacifica into a very profitable business. As such, the powers-that-be decided to leave it alone, allowing Hansen to continue as its ruler. With no corporations or outside laws, Dogtown's upper echelon thrived in it, while the rest of the district's citizens teetered on the brink of poverty.[16] For years, many people arrived there in hopes of escaping their past and find a better life within its walls. What they didn't realize is that they were simply changing one overlord for another.[19]


By 2077, Dogtown was still under the iron fist of Colonel Hansen and his militia.[15] Around this time, NUSA President Myers's Space Force One was struck down above Night City, eventually crash-landing somewhere within Dogtown.[20]

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In the 2020s Militech established a secret, experimental military project in this part of Pacifica, constructing bunkers and laboratories cleverly hidden beneath urban infrastructure. Nearly half a century later, a group of investors appeared, unaware they were building on the remains of an old military complex. When a lab was excavated at one of the construction sites, the investors were forced out of Pacifica and Militech erected a wall around the neighborhood ostensibly due to gas leaks, bad documentation on local developments and unexploded ordnance from the 4th Corporate War.

In 2077, Dogtown has become a kind of city within a city, walled off from the rest of Night with designated points of entry manned by Kurt Hansen's Militech-commandos-turned-militia-soldiers. On the strees[sic] one can still see the remnants of Pacifica's never-completed redevelopment - luxury hotels, swimming pools, dazzlingly sumptuous mansions: once destined for glory, now a dilapadated[sic] mess. Machinery abandoned by construction workers is also present and many of the buildings are nothing more than crumbling, vacant husks.

The NCPD is forbidden to enter Dogtown proper, while Trauma Team rarely ventures inside due to the increased risk and the fact that hardly anyone in Dogtown has TT insurance. True enough, Hansen's people serve as local law enforcement, but are far from what one would call "police officers". Maybe they'll help, maybe they won't - their primary concern is making sure the neighborhood doesn't descend into total anarchy. Small local squabbles and conflicts? Not worth their precious time.

So who lives in Dogtown? Mostly those on the run from corps, gangs, or the NCPD. But there are also just ordinary people - those pushed beyond the margins of society in Night City who were brave or desperate enough to try their luck here.[9]


CP2077PL Pacifica Dogtown Map

Map of Dogtown.



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