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Dog Eat Dog is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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After contacting V, Songbird will direct them towards Dogtown's northern gate. There she will explain that the plane she is flying in, the Space Force One, will land somewhere in Dogtown. V's mission is to access the district and rescue President Myers before BARGHEST captures her. To convince V to do the job, Songbird promises them a cure that will save their lives. Additionally, and to prove she is serious, Songbird gives the merc a Militech sofware that unlocks new abilities which V can use through the Relic. More of these are scattered around Dogtown in abandoned Militech terminals.

After finishing the conversation, Songbird leads V to the EBM Petrochem Stadium's underground parking garage, which V can access by either sneaking or fighting their way into it.

Journal Entry[]

Wow, this story's got it all! An unknown number, a mysterious caller, a shady meet-n-greet in the middle of fuckin' nowhere... And they say I'm the one always divin' headfirst into trouble. But sure, if it's not a trap, it's a one-in-a-trillion chance. Next stop: Dogtown. Can't wait to see how this shit unfolds.


  • Talk to the mystery caller.
  • Go to the Dogtown border.
  • Look for Songbird.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Find the entrance to the old parking garage.
  • Enter the restricted area.
  • Go to the garage.
  • Go to the underground garage.
  • Find an access point.
  • Find a way to restore power.
  • Start the generator.
  • Connect to the access point.
  • Get onto the elevator platform.
  • Ride on the platform.
  • Reach the car elevator platform.
  • Get onto the elevator platform.
  • Reach the catwalk.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Make your way to Dogtown through the garage.
    • Enter the elevator.
  • Go to the black market.
  • Go to the construction site.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Go to the construction site.
  • Get up onto the roof.
  • Talk to Songbird.

Associated Shards[]


A couple of locations, including a locked room to a smuggler's den with several pieces of loot, need Body Attribute checks.