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Born to a middle-rank criminal family, the young "Snoopy" was protected from his family's dealings, and family "profits" were used to send him to a university to study medicine. However, he was suddenly dragged into the family's "work" when his parents where killed by a rival crime chief.

Not long afterwards, he realized the money-making potential of his skills. His first attempt at designer drug production led quickly to arrest and imprisonment for two years, where he learned to refine his methods (especially on the distribution side), and some harsh lessons in survival (e.g., the use of concealed weapons). With the last of his family's money, he bought his parole and some useful cyberware. Leaving prison to make his way on the street, he began acting as a ripperdoc for the street slime and cyberpunks, under the childhood pseudonym of "Doctor Snoopy."

Upset that his entire early life (until age 22) was a tissue of lies, Doctor Snoopy has no respect for himself or others, seeing everyone as tools to use so he can better himself. He has become a doctor who is willing to take risks with his own and other's lives, caring nothing for the pain of his patients or whether a person dies under his knife.

The one dream he still clings to is to control his own large-scale drug laboratory, making products for his own use and for street sale. He will betray anyone or any ideal to reach this dream, regardless of any future backlash on himself or anyone else.[1]

Operating Style[]

Doctor Snoopy has become widely known as a ripperdoc who, though brutal in practice, is willing to perform any operation—with no interest in the usage of his "work" afterwards. Usually to be found in the worst bars and nightclubs, he is tolerated by others because of his skill. However, he is more widely known within the drug underworld as a source of new designer drug ideas.

If baited with enough money, he could even accompany a group of Cyberpunks, but only if the 'punks are desperate for someone with good medical and/or drug knowledge. Even on these jobs he will be on at least one drug, if not a whole cocktail. When not needed as a ripperdoc, he likes to blot out his memories and feelings in a morass of alcohol and mood-enhancing drugs (some of his own concoction), oblivious to the damage he's doing to himself.[1]


INT: 9, LUCK: 4, BOD: 5, TECH: 10, ATT: 5, Rep: 5, REF: 6, EMP: 5/2, COOL: 5, MA: 5[1]


MedTech +8, Pharmaceuticals +7, Cryotank Operation +7, CyberTech +6, Library Search +6, Education +6, Biology +6, BioTech +4, First Aid +4, Human Perception +5, Streetwise +5, Athletics +4, Melee +6[1]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Machine/Tech link) Chipware Socket, Nasal Filters, Independent Air Supply, CyberLiver implants, Chemical Analyzer, AudioVox with Forked Tongue option, Anti-Plague Nanotech, Skinweave (SP 12)[1]


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