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Dmitri Yablonov is a wily veteran of the SovOil Secret Police. He has been the Night City Director for some time. He is participating directly in this case because of its importance to the corporation.[1]


INT 10, REF 7, TECH 6, COOL 10, ATTR 5, LUCK 6, MA 6, BODY 6, EMP 8/5, SAVE 6, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 6, Interrogation 7, Intimidate 6, Leadership 4, Persuasion and Fast Talk 7, Awareness/Notice 7, Education and General Knowledge 7, Expert SovOil Corporation 6, Expert Espionage and Political Intrigue 8, Expert Manager 7, Expert Investigator 5, Russian (Native), English 6, Handgun 6, Driving 5, Electronic Security 6.[1]


Basic Processor, Smartgun Link, Data Term Link, Basic Cyberoptic, Image enhancement, Low Lite, MicroVideo Optic, Basic Cyberaudio, Amplified hearing, Radio Link, Scrambler, Bug Detector, Voice Stress Analyzer, Sound Editing, Wide Band Radio Scanner, Micro-recorder Link.[1]


SP 18 bulletproof vest worn under clothing and long-coat. Arasaka WSA pistol with four magazines, in shoulder holster.[1]


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