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The Dicky Twister is a nightclub in Cyberpunk 2077.


The nightclub is owned by Valentinos leader Señor Ladrillo. It can be found on the intersection of Congress and Pajara Street in Vista del Rey, Heywood.

The building is decorated by a large, red neon sign titled "Dicky Twister" and an animated sign.

Padre wants you to steal data from Señor's computer before the NCPD does.[1]


The premises of the nightclub is completely surrounded by a fence, while somewhat lacking in maintenance, it has several weakspots that can be exploited to gain entrance. The main entrance, however, can be found on Congress Street. It is guarded by a Sanguinario.

There is a small space for parking, where a Brennan Apollo can be found that can be purchased for €$ 94,000.

At the back of the building, a service entrance can be found that is not guarded, but requires 18 Technical Ability to be opened. On the north side of the building, a door locked behind 18 Body can be found, and a container that is able to give access to the nightclub's balcony, where an Access Point that has no requirements can be found, however, the door that leads to the inside is also locked behind 18 Body.

1st Floor

The first floor entrance is decorated with mannequins in poses. A "receptionist" in the form of a Gangoon will ask either a 100€$ bill for entry, or you can bypass it with a speech check that requires 18 Technical Ability.

The nightclubs floor consist of one large and one smaller striptease platforms, a lounge, several VIP rooms, a large bar and a small security room that also serves as employee area where also a terminal can be found that can be hacked with 9 Intelligence. Behind the platforms, there are some steps that lead to the changing/preparation room, where a hackable terminal can be found that requires 13 Intelligence.

In the back of the building, the service quarters can be found with a storage room, where an Access Point can be found, that leads outside, as well as a staircase leading upstairs to the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor

On the second floor, a large walkway can be found with planters. On the left hand there is a double server room that is guarded by two Sanguinarios. In the middle Señor Ladrillo's office can be found that is guarded by Saulo Capon. The office can be accessed by either opening a door that is locked behind 18 Technical Ability, or by going through the regular glass door entrance. Inside the office, a computer and a Legendary item in a cache can be found as well as a small room that can be opened using 13 Body or an access shard. In this small room a Legendary Crafting Spec can be found.