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'Member our first convo? Seems I've chosen the quiet life, after all. No blaze o' glory for me.

— Dex to V, Cyberpunk 2077

Dexter DeShawn, commonly known as Dex, was a well-known fixer in Night City. In 2077, he returned to the city after spending a few years 'off the grid'. Despite not being a Mercenary himself before he became a fixer, he was able to succeed because of his charisma and good eye for potential in other people.[2]


Dexter DeShawn made his name as a prominent fixer in Night City. While he was considered one of the best in the business he is not considered to have been on the same level as Rogue Amendiares. He was known to select mercs for gigs based on his intuition, and did not have a regular crew. Dex left NC in 2075 for unknown reasons but it was rumored to have been a vacation. According to Royce, he had ruined half of Pacifica and made a lot of powerful enemies who wanted him dead. He returned in 2077 and was contracted by Evelyn Parker to steal the Relic from Yorinobu Arasaka, so she could sell it to NetWatch.[3] He hired T-Bug, Jackie Welles, and V to handle the heist at Konpeki Plaza. To prepare for the heist, DeShawn paid €$10,000 in advance to buy a stolen Militech Flathead from Maelstrom, and also shelled out for the Delamain "Excelsior Package" to cover Jackie and V's escape.[2]

After the heist went sideways due to Yorinobu's unexpected murder of his father, Saburo Arasaka, V managed to escape and met Dexter at the backup meeting location, the No-Tell Motel. Dexter was furious that V had brought so much heat on him, and personally killed them, before having their body dumped in the Municipal Landfill east of the city. Needing to leave, DeShawn reserved a seat on a shuttle at spaceport for the next morning, but Saburo's bodyguard Goro Takemura tracked him down before he could make his getaway. Takemura forced DeShawn to lead him to V, whom he believed was Saburo's murderer, then unceremoniously killed the fixer with a single shot to the head as DeShawn tried to bargain for his life.[2]

Dexter's body could later be found in the landfill in the same spot where he died, a bit past the end of the road due south of the Medeski Fuel Station Fast Travel point. V could recover his iconic pistol, the Plan B.[2]

Database Entry[]

Dexter DeShawn

Dex never shot hoops, jumped roofs, or pulled a trigger. Likewise, he never felt the need to plant his fat ass in a netrunner's chair or splice cables in a sooty garage. Wait, never pulled a trigger? Yes, that's right, Dex never popped lead in his entire life. People - that's what Dex was good at. Dex is one of the biggest fixers in Night City. He's a pretty big deal, both literally and figuratively. Word on the street is that there were complications from his last job, but that's just the nature of biz, ain't it? Besides, when someone like Dexter DeShawn has a gig for you, you don't ask questions - you just shake on it.

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