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A Demon is a category of programs in the Cyberpunk Series.

In Cyberpunk 2020[]

In Cyberpunk 2020, the Demon program series was a generic program with the ability to incorporate several other programs as subroutines—in short, two, three, four or even five programs in one. To use the program, you must activate the Demon, then specify the chosen subroutine it carries.

The subroutine programs look and act just as their originals, but are usually less powerful, as they must use the program strength of the Demon core in combat.

The four main levels of demons were invented by the legendary Rache Bartmoss in 2004 when he was an employee of CCI Development: The Imp, Afreet, Succubus, and Balron.[1] After CCI fired him, Rache sold the source code to multiple different firms (all who believed they were getting exclusive access), which gave him enough money to never have to work again.[2]

There is a subtype of Demons known as Daemons, which when deployed destroy and subsequently replace a program in the targets system, borrowing the system's own operating power to implement its subroutines.[3]

In Cyberpunk RED[]

In Cyberpunk RED, a Demon is a form of Black ICE with a limited Artificial Intelligence. They are placed into a NET Architecture with the purpose of using Control Nodes placed into the Architecture to control equipment via the node such as drones and other security devices. A Demon can also use the Zap ability to defend itself within the Architecture.[4]


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