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Delamain HQ is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The headquarters are located on Madison Street in Vista del Rey, Heywood. It is a mostly black building with a driveway entrance on the righthand side of the main garage. As the name suggests, the HQ serves as the main hub for all automated Delamain vehicles run by the AI program of the same name, including construction and repair.

The player will only be able to access Delamain HQ once "The Heist" mission has been completed, with the location being automatically discovered it's location when attempting to retrieve V's car.


Not much is known about the Delamain HQ, other than it belongs to a wealthy and proud company, one which Delamain stresses the importance of upholding its reputation.

When speaking to him, Delamain reveals that the building was once operated by actual workers and drivers, but since his installation, there has been no need for human intervention unless deemed so by him.

Associated quests


  • When the player first enters Delamain HQ, they are greeted with a large que forming at the front desk, with many customers complaining or arguing. When mentioned, Delamain will admit that customer service is a function they are "working on".
  • The receptionist Delamain is initially oblivious and blunt to the player's arrival, even referring to them as a different name. Once the player asks for the "real" Delamain, the screen will briefly cut out and show the actual Delamian with a knowledge of who the player is.