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Disambig This article is about the Villefort Delamain Cab. For other variants, see Villefort Cortes.

The standard Cortes model, but with an onboard AI that will find a way out of any traffic jam.

— Delamain Cab, Cyberpunk 2077

The Delamain Cab is a vehicle manufactured by Villefort and the Delamain Corporation in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Delamain Cab is a self-driving vehicle that belongs to the Delamain Corporation taxi company. It is based on the Villefort Cortes, but has some differences. The cab is completely remodeled, with bulletproof glass and a reinforced body created in partnership with Militech, which ensures a greater sense of safety and security on the road. The car's formidable engine accelerates in a flash, and its AI will find a way out of any traffic jam.[1]

Being able to sustain gunfire, the Delamain Cab is able to safely pick up its passengers in a violent area, or in the midst of a shootout. To activate the car's defense systems, a passenger must purchase the Excelsior package.

Database Entry[]

Delamain no


A standard Villefort Cortes outfitted with an artificial intellegence. While other Ais on the market are little more than glorified chatbots connected to speech synthesizers, Delamain clearly possesses a well-defined personality. He can also bypass rush-hour traffic jams like its no one's business. Of course, Delamain is not so advanced to be self-aware... At least not according to his technical specs.[1]


A Delamain Cab known as the Delamain No. 21 is rewarded at the end of Don't Lose Your Mind, no matter which decision you make. What might differ, though, is the AI's personality.

  • Choosing to reset the core will reset Delamain's personality. The voice will be the same, but won't remember its previous interactions with V. As a compensation for dealing with the virus, Delamain will reward V with a vehicle of his taxi fleet. While driving the cab, sometimes a dialogue will start with Delamain, and V can teach the AI things about Night City and its people.
  • Choosing to destroy the core will liberate the rest of rogue AIs, but one will stay behind. Called "Excelsior", he is a softer and more approachable version of the original Delamain. His "father" gave "Excelsior" life as his last will in order to offer the car's services to V. There's minor banter between V and "Excelsior".
  • Choosing to merge the core with the rogue AIs will "uplift" Delamain, and he will tell V he's going "home". He will leave his first true child behind to take care of the company and accompany V. Called "Delamain Junior", his personality seems to be the exact same as "Excelsior". There's minor banter between V and "Delamain Junior".


  • When driving the Delamain No. 21, the reset Delamain will have conversations with V after finishing the quest. The other two personalities' only have minor interactions with the character. Some rogue AIs will send messages with pictures after some days pass.
  • Delamain cabs were inspired by classic elegant limousines from the 1980s and 1990s.[2]
  • The Delamain cab has a small missile launcher turret in the trunk of the vehicle, hidden behind a retractable panel on the trunk lid. It can seen being used by Delamain to engage drones during the final chase sequence of The Heist, but it cannot be used or activated by the player.


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