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Declan Griffin, better known as the Brick or simply Brick[1], is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.[2]


Brick was the leader of the Maelstrom gang in Night City. He made a deal with Dexter DeShawn, who purchased a bot from the gang. Brick was deposed by a fellow Maelstrom ganger named Royce, who took over as leader of the gang. Everyone was told Brick had died after Royce took charge. Under Royce, the gang also refused to work with Dex. However, Brick was still alive and imprisoned in the All Foods Plant.[3]

When trying to purchase the bot from Maelstrom, if a fight breaks out with V and the gang, V can stumble across Brick in his cell. They has the option to free, kill, or leave him to rot. Brick can be freed by disabling the detonator for the bomb in his cell and by entering the right code for his cell door. If Brick is freed he will thank Jackie and V and promise to return the favour some time. He tells them to leave and that he can manage to escape by himself.

Brick can be encountered later at the Totentanz if he is freed by V and Royce has been dealt with. He has retaken control of Maelstrom, much to the chagrin of his fellow Maelstromers. He is speaking to Bes Isis and will thank V for freeing him earlier. Brick will allow them to leave with Bes.[3]


  • Regardless of Brick's fate, he will have a signed niche with an epitaph in the Columbarium, claiming that he had more friends than enemies.



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