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Dazed and Confused is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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After starting You Know My Name, V is contacted by Mr. Hands that he has received an interesting item of business. Lina Malina, a local Braindance celebrity, claims that she has been kidnapped and is currently held against her will in a rental studio by the name of Brainporium.

Brainporium can be found atop Jason Exiled in Dogtown, Pacifica.

Inside the Brainporium, V can find Edgar Tool, a man being held captive in a room claiming that he's Lina Malina. V can ask Shank who's standing guard outside about what's going on, and Shank will lead V upstairs to can explain the situation. Alternatively, V can convince Shank to let Tool go, or use the code 1111 on the door, though this will end the mission early with no rewards beyond a thank you kiss from "Lina".

Shank will explain that Tool has been a big fan of Lina, but that after a power outage while watching one of Lina's BD's, Tool now believes himself to be Lina. After talking to Shank about Tool's situation, V is directed to Lina's apartment. Before she enters, a group of Scavs will be scattered around the area guarding the place. V has the option to:

  • Take out all the Scavs (If you hide their bodies Lina will act like they left, unaware of the bloodshed)
  • Explain to them the situation and get them to leave (StreetKid only)
  • Break in from an industrial shutter (20 Tech) or from the top of her apartment, then read about her schedule. V can use Lina's schedule to have the Scavs leave without bloodshed.

Either way, V will need the Scavs to leave and wait until dark. Lina will be disappointed by the disappearance of her guards when she arrives and V will have some options to convince her for the shoot:

  • Telling Lina the truth about Tool's condition will fail the quest.
  • You can pay her €$10,000 to participate in the braindance.
  • You can send her the picture you took of Kerry Eurodyne and Us Cracks to persuade her if I Don't Wanna Hear It has been completed.
  • She can be convinced by mentioning Rachel Casich if They Won't Go When I Go has been completed.
  • A Corpo V has an option to convince Lina to participate in the BD shoot.
  • With a high enough intelligence, you can hack the computer on her kitchen wall and add in the BD shoot to her schedule yourself. When Lina arrives, you can tell her that you've been sent by her agent to make sure she knows, which after checking her schedule she accepts without any further convincing.

Shank will arrange for the shoot the next day, and V can sleep the night at the nearby Kress Street Apartment. After reaching the Brainporium V finds Lina and Tool arguing, requiring V to direct the BD shoot.

  • Directing Lina to "Tell him that he's your sister" results in the best BD. Lina will leave Baby Boomer, and later gift you the Malina-mobile.
  • Directing Lina to "Convince him that he's a clone created by the FIA" results in an okay BD, but no further shoots. Lina will leave Baby Boomer, and later gift you Lina Malina's T-shirt.
  • Sending Tool's letter as Lina's lines result in a bad BD, with Lina leaving, but Tool restored to himself.

V has the option of calling either Viktor Vektor or Judy Álvarez about the situation. Either one will give the advice of inducing cognitive dissonance, and a new side objective to find an item with personal importance to Tool will appear.

Journal Entry[]

An abducted BD actress and a mysterious kidnapper? V to the rescue! Your usual C-flick. Just watch out, 'cause if even Hands doesn't wanna boost his street cred from this one, it must be a real stinker.


  • Rescue Lina from the BD store.
  • Find Lina Malina.
  • Talk to the strangers in the basement.

If V frees Tool from the basement:

  • Talk to Tool.
  • Message Mr. Hands to tell him the job is done.

If V follows Shank:

  • Follow Shank.
  • Talk to Shank.
  • Find Lina at her residence.
    • Text Viktor for advice about Tool. [Optional]
    • Text Judy for advice about Tool. [Optional]
    • Find something that carries sentimental value for Tool. [Optional]
    • Talk to Edgar. [Optional]
  • Find Lina Malina.

If V talks to the Scavengers:

  • Persuade the gangers to leave.

If V engages the Scavengers:

  • Dispose of the gangers.
    • Hide the bodies. [5] [Optional]

  • Wait for Lina.
  • Convince Lina to participate in the BD shoot.
  • Message Shank to let him know Lina has agreed.
  • Wait until tomorrow for Shank's message.
  • Read Shank's message.
  • Return to Shank.
  • Observe the BD shoot.
  • Take charge of the BD shoot.

If V tells Malina to tell Tool that he is her sister:

  • Talk to Lina Malina.
  • Talk to Shank.
  • Loot Baby Boomer from the counter.
  • Read Lina's messages.
  • Go to the Brainporium to collect Lina's gift.

If V tells Malina to convince Tool that he is an FIA clone:

  • Talk to Lina Malina.
  • Talk to Shank.
  • Loot Baby Boomer from the counter.
  • Read Lina's message.
  • Go to the Brainporium to collect Lina's gift.

If V tells Malina to read Tool's Letter:

  • Read the message from Shank.

Associated Computers[]

Associated Shards[]


  • If you broke into Lina's apartment, she sends V a text message about it, wanting to desperately leave Dogtown.
  • If you hide a corpse in Lina's fridge she texts you to ask if you know anything about it.
  • Sending Tool's Letter as the script Tool's Letter will cause you to not receive any of the item rewards, as she will leave the BD shoot disgruntled.
    • This option will result in Johnny providing positive feedback to the player. However, Lina will not send a message to V, no gift from Lina will be rewarded.
  • The "sister" option leads to continued BDs with Lina and TooLina, and them heading to Night City. Depending on how the Sinnerman questline ends, Rachel Casich will message V about their pitch for the "Lina & Toolina" show.