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The path to destruction and the extinction of the human race has paved for centuries by men. We once foolishly placed our faith in those warmongers to control the destiny of the planet and the future of our children. In order to preserve what we have left of Mother Earth, the power must be taken from those who abuse it and put into the hands of the only ones who can nurse' humanity back to full health. It is in this time that the Daughters of the planet must rise and take back what is ours. And the blood of the men who would abuse Mother Earth shall fertilize the ground once more.

Gangbook V3.0

The Daughters of Hippolyte are a gang found in Night City V3.0.


The Daughters of Hippolyte gang was founded on the ideal of bringing the planet back to rebirth and tearing down all that man has imposed since the beginning of time. Like their fellow ecogangs, only the complete eradication of technological culture (and especially the Night megaplex) can restore Nature to its true balance.

Helene Asikis and her sisterhood of bio-sculpted Amazon eco-terrorists have strived to bring down the holdings of man brick by brick through manipulation, seduction, assassination, and brutal bloodshed. Members of the organization are brought before Helene and her council for approval, the only prerequisite is that they are female and free of ''man made" augmentation such C-metal bodies. Due to their body sculpting which increases height, strength, and mass and their unique tribal tattooing, the women do not blend well into High or MidCity zones. So for the most part they set up their bases in the Combat Zone for better control of their operations. As their creed makes them suspicious and hateful of men, they would rather suffer death than have any "mere male" get the upper hand. It is known to some that the Daughters will employ male spies (or for pleasure) but throats are usually cut when the male's usefulness ends.

The goals of the Daughters of Hippolyte are often in alliance with other ecoterror groups such as Emerald Destiny and Alpha Return, but their insistence on remaining "free of the taint of Man" has kept them from joining forces with these groups. The Daughters also have a deep-seated hatred of other "Daughters" operating in Night City -in this case, the Daughters of Hecate, a neo-pagan witchcraft group that works through male organizations and men who have fallen under their control. So far, this dislike hasn't broken into open warfare, but most observers are certain that it's only a matter of time.



  • Leaders (Inner Circle) 13
  • Soldiers (Coven Leaders) 25
  • Grants (Acolytes) 300


  • Main Temple (In andandoned subway station)
  • 10 Temples (all over the City) 10
  • Private Zoo (for rehabilitating animals) 5


  • Roadcars (basic) 35
  • Trucks (for transport of fighters) 6
  • Street panzaers (for heavy assaults) 4


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