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The Daughters of Hecate are a small but influential coven of HighCity corporate wives who have turned to black magic, seduction, manipulation, blackmail and murder to advance their husbands' careers. By day they are the perfect spouses, epitomizing the Neo-Corp ideal. But by night they orchestrate abductions, extortion, sexual manipulation and ritual murder to achieve their aims.


Led by their glamorous high priestess (the red-robed Diana MacBeth) the coven numbers only thirteen members, but they have influence over many more agents, servants, devotees and willing initiates of The Mysteries who do the Dliughters' bidding, collecting information for black- mail, sleeping with key figures, collecting favors, assassinating or discrediting opgonents or collecting whichever unfortunate has been chosen to be that full moon's 'offering' to the Goddess herself. In return, they receive money, power supernatural influence. A growing number of corporate executives and senior police officers have been drawn into the invisible web of the Daughters' influence without realizing it, and the coven is now beginning to sense their potential as both the boardroom and the Street fall under their sway.

The devotees on the Street each sport a tattoo at the base of the neck, a stylized woman's face crowned with horns with a roman numeral from one to thirteen beneath it, identifying them as belonging to the Coven. Most devotees are ignorant of the Daughters' greater aims, but a core elite, corporate security specialists assigned as bodyguards and trusted personal assistants indoctrinated into the Mysteries, are entrusted to act directly on their mistresses' behalf.

Beautiful, amoral and infinitely ambitious, the Daughters intend to be the power behind the thrones of the 203X Megacity. Their only rivals are the other group of "Daughters" operating within the Night City megaplex-the Daughters of Hippolyte. This radical feminist/ecoterror group disdains the Daughters of Hecate as a group of scheming house- wives who deserve to die alongside the men they fraternize with. Sooner or later, the two clans of Daughters are going to have a showdown, but right now no one's willing to place bets on who the winner will be.


  • Leaders (Inner Circle) 13
  • Soldiers (Coven Leaders) 13
  • Grunts (Acolytes) 60


  • Hecate's Temple (corp. office building) 1
  • luxury Apartments (all over the City) 200


  • Roadcars (Luxury cars ) 200
  • Roadcars (limousines) 30
  • Luxury Yachts 5
  • AV6 (personal AV limos) 25


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