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The Data Term™, also known as a Dataterm or DT, is a type of computer terminal.


Established in the 2020s, Data terms are curbside modules and computer terminals mounted in very durable concrete pillars, providing access to public information of any kind. They also serve as cyber-access port connections to the Net.[1]

Heavily armored, Data terms are placed across most United States city street corners, linked by fiber-optic landlines connected to local computer databases. They charge for their use per minute.[2]

By 2045, the amount of Data Term presence has been reduced to 30% of U.S. city streets, but retain their functions, despite the Net being nearly wiped out. However, Data Terms have been vandalized to take CredChips and other alternative forms of payment in order to access. As such, they continue function as public access terminals, providers of Screamsheets, and Net interfacing, but also serve as phone booths, messaging boards, and PopMedia access points.[3] Most Data Terms are operated by Ziggurat or other local Data Term services, at a rate of approximately 10 eb per minute.[4]

By 2077 data terms function as fast travel points throughout Night City and the Badlands.[5]


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