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Darra Polytechnic , formerly stylized as Darra-Polytechnic, is a firearms manufacturer in Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, and Cyberpunk 2077.


Darra Polytechnic is an India-based manufacturer of cheap and stylish weapons.[1]

After multiple financial and military crises within the NUSA and all over the world, Darra Polytechnic swept into the bankrupt corporate market to offer cheap and functional weaponry as a jack-of-all-trades weapons manufacturer. The company produces almost everything, but is the master of nothing. This has not hampered their growth in the slightest, as their arsenal is often considered the go-to by the ever-growing poor and desperate, the Pulsar sub machine gun being equipped by every two-bit gangoon on every street corner and by corporate security operators, alike.



Type Products
Assault Rifles Darra-Polytechnic M-9 Assault Rifle


Type Products
Assault Rifles Darra Polytechnic Binary


Type Products
Revolvers DR-5 Nova, DR-12 Quasar
Submachine Guns DS1 Pulsar
Assault Rifles DA8 Umbra
Clothing Cap, Tactical Balaclava, Suede Sneakers


  • The Darra-Polytechnic weapons in Red and 2077 are named after violent interstellar events that produce enough energy to be seen from Earth.


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