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You can be good. Or you can be dead. But the more you can add; the more you can bring that meat you were born with up to the next level, the better you can be. And that means less of a chance of ending up on the dead side of the equation.[1]

— Damien, Cyberpunk RED

Damien is a merc techie who during the Time of the Red was part of a group of six edgerunners. He is one of the main characters of the Black Dog story from Cyberpunk RED.


Damien was one of those kids - always fascinated with technology. Either he was taking something apart or putting it back together or he was bored. When circumstances forced Damien to get a cyberarm at a young age, he wasn't upset. It gave him a toy he could always tinker with.

Damien could have gone on to be a cog in the corp machine - earning a large amount of eddies in order to build what he sees in his mind's eye - but instead he went the merc route, something he prefers while earning money so he can one day bring his tech to the world under his own name.[2][3]

Black Dog[]

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Type Products
Cyberware Neural Link w/ Interface Plugs, Cyberarm w/ Popup Ranged Weapon (Crossbow), Cybereye (right eye)[3]


Damien was created by Mike Pondsmith with the help of Brian Marquez, one of "The Cyber6" - as Pondsmith likes to think. Five of the Cyber6 have real world prosthetic limbs and it's something the writers of Cyberpunk RED thought a lot about. This inspired the creation of the group of six edgerunners.[2]

For as long as Brian Marquez can remember, he's been passionate about video games. Using that passion, he worked his way into a producer role in the industry and now fights to not only make games fun but playable by everyone. Having been born with one arm, he's always wanted to make sure he could play the games he loved and he's made a career out of making sure everyone else can, too.[2]


  • A photo of Damien and the rest of the six edgerunners can be seen behind the bar counter of the Afterlife in Cyberpunk 2077 (see below).



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