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Cybersquads,[1] cyberpsycho squads[2] or psycho squads[3] are common to most urban police departments. Going under names like C-SWAT, PSYCHE-DIV, CYB-Enforcement and MaxTac, their purpose is to deal with public threats resulting from cyberpsychosis.[4] They are armed with the best armor, equipment, and vehicles. Most carry weapons that start at the light cannon range and up. They are, by nature, not very nice people.[1] Cyberaugmentation is so common and extensive to these squads that in fighting fire with fire, many officers end up on brink of cyberpsychosis themselves.[4] Military and corporate security psycho squads are also known to exist.[5][6][7] In situations where such are not immediately available, ad-hoc detachments known as 'heavy details' are sometimes thrown together.[5]

C-SWAT units in Tokyo and other major Japanese cities are particularly noted for their heavy use of Attack AVs, APCAs, and tanks such as the Mitsubishi "Musashi" SWAT Mini-Tank.[7]


  • MaxTac (Maximum Force Tactical Division)
  • C-SWAT (Cybernetics Special Weapons & Tactical Squad)
  • CYB-Enforcement


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