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The Cyberpunk Story is the overarching narrative featured throughout the Cyberpunk series.


The Cyberpunk series is not strictly a narrative, in that it is rather a free-flowing pen & paper RPG for players to create their own stories and characters, and explore the world how they want. However throughout the various Sourcebooks are mini-adventures, pre-written stories for players to act out with their group. Several of which comprise what could be considered the Cyberpunk story, that of which revolves around the infamous Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand and his netrunner girlfriend Alt Cunningham. The story is continued and expanded upon in Cyberpunk 2077.


Never Fade Away[]

The opening story and a day in the life of Johnny Silverhand as he goes up against Arasaka after they kidnap his girlfriend Alt Cunningham for her role in creating Soulkiller

End Game[]

The Fourth Corporate War has escalated as Militech and Arasaka face off against each other. Johnny Silverhand and Morgan Blackhand recruit a team to assault the Arasaka Tower in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Fifty years after the end of the Fourth Corporate War, Johnny Silverhand resurfaces in Night City, this time a victim of the Soulkiller and is trapped inside the head of a local edgerunner named V.


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